How does a truck accident victim bring a lawsuit in Snohomish County?

Snohomish County, WALarge semi trucks and similar commercial vehicles often cause serious damage all over the nation’s highways. The total costs for property repairs and medical treatment associated with these kinds of collisions can easily run into thousands or millions of dollars. Because of these serious costs and losses, the victim may need to resort to the legal process to get help during their time away from work or paying their medical bills. 

Is a truck accident lawsuit an option?

In most cases, it will be beneficial to speak with a lawyer about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the driver and trucking company responsible for a collision. The victim should report the accident and contact their insurance company first. However, these actions on their own may not be enough for the victim to be compensated for all of their medical costs and other losses. The potential damages available in a truck accident lawsuit tend to be much larger than what an insurance claim will pay out to a policyholder. 

Meeting with a local firm

Most attorneys who deal with injury and accident cases will offer some kind of initial consultation to discuss an accident victim’s case. This meeting may review exactly what happened, what the firm will do for the client, their fee structure, and the possible value of the lawsuit. The client is also given a chance to ask questions, and the attorney and client may form a binding relationship if they agree to representation. 

Procedures to file the case

The lawyer will have to draft an initial complaint, sometimes called a pleading, that details the day and time of the collision. There will be a statement of facts, along with some basic legal argument as to why the defendant is at fault. The plaintiff’s lawyer also argues for certain damages based on their client’s losses in this document. The defendant is given a copy of this document and a chance to respond. They will also begin to exchange evidence and information through the discovery process at this time as the litigation begins. 

Settlement agreements

Most civil injury cases end with settlements. This means that the victim is paid an amount that is satisfactory and comparable to what they would have earned at trial, in exchange for agreeing to end any legal action against the defendant. 

If there is no agreement, the parties will go to trial and present evidence to a jury that decides the outcome of the case. 

Truck collision lawyers in Snohomish County

There are firms in the Seattle metro area that can assist anyone who has been hurt in a truck collision. Perez and Perez have significant trial experience and they can utilize their skills in the courtroom to help local clients find success. 

Firm contact info:

Perez and Perez, PLLC

Smith Tower, 506 2nd Ave, Suite 1400

Seattle, WA 98104

(425) 748-5005


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