How does a worker prove discriminatory intent against an employer in Grand Prairie?

Grand Prairie, TX – Every worker in Texas and other states is protected by anti-discrimination laws. This means that the person cannot be terminated or mistreated in any way due to things like race, gender, religion, or national origin. However, the company that employs the person is allowed to take adverse actions against a worker for legitimate reasons such as poor performance at their job, violation of company policies, and financial reasons. Proving that the employer intended to harm a worker for a discriminatory reason rather than a legitimate one can be difficult in some situations. This is why a worker should contact an employment attorney in Texas if they believe discrimination may be a problem. 

Actions by the employer

Discrimination can often be shown through the type of treatment that a worker received on their job. This can come in the form of being treated differently than others. Sometimes the employer may also harass a worker and subject them to a hostile work environment to get them to quit. It is generally helpful if the victim can show by comparison that others were treated differently than they were under similar working conditions. 

Workplace communications

It may be possible to obtain various documents, emails, or conversations which show that a worker was the victim of intentional discrimination. This is direct evidence of the employer’s intent, and it is usually the best evidence in a discrimination lawsuit. While this kind of evidence is not always available, it is helpful if the plaintiff in a discrimination case can definitively show through this kind of evidence that a supervisor, owner, or someone else in an authority position had explicitly stated that they wanted to mistreat the person. 

Performance reviews

One way that an employer can try to hide their true intent is by using a worker’s performance reviews. A performance review is generally given annually or at regular intervals when the employer wants to see how the person is at their job. This is often evidence of discrimination if the employee is suddenly receiving very poor performance reviews and terminated or demoted after never having a problem previously. The review is often used as a pretext for discrimination, and the employer will feel that they are covered  because it looks like they have a real reason to terminate the person because of unsatisfactory job performance. 

Additional advice from an employment attorney in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with local clients in Grand Prairie who have various issues at their workplace. Clients can receive professional advice from the firm’s attorneys about discrimination, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and other labor law issues. 

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