How does an accident victim get information about their incident from the Utah Highway Patrol?

Salt Lake City, UT – When a person reports an accident, there are a number of important pieces of information that may be generated. Things like reports, photographs, and witness statements are important for insurance claims, potential lawsuits, and other procedures that help victims get financial and medical assistance. The Utah Highway Patrol has an administrative process that helps people who get into accidents on the state’s roads obtain all of this information. 

Generating and obtaining accident reports

There are requirements for an accident report to be generated. The state law says that the report will be made if there are fatalities, injuries, or an estimate of at least $1,500 worth of property damage by officers at the scene. This means many minor accidents may not cause a formal report to be created. 

People who were involved in the crash have the right to obtain a report made by a trooper who completed the accident investigation. The government provides two options for these individuals to get a copy of their report for things like insurance, lawsuits, or health reasons. A government website can be utilized to order a copy of the report that can be viewed online. The local county office for the Utah Highway Patrol where the accident happened will also maintain copies of the report. Privacy laws require that only people involved in the crash, certain government agencies and their employees, law enforcement, and members of the press can receive a copy of the report.

The state highway patrol also keeps copies of any photographs taken at the scene. These can be obtained from a local office for a fee. 

Uses of accident evidence

The accident report and pictures of the scene can be very important if a victim involved in the crash decides to file a personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff’s lawyer will review this information when creating the complaint that is filed to start the case. The defendant will also receive copies of these reports and pictures as a part of the discovery process. If the investigating officers believe that the defendant caused the accident or was at fault, this may make it much easier for the plaintiff to obtain a settlement agreement. If there are injuries and medical treatment is required, the settlement may be the only realistic way for the victim to pay for their healthcare costs as auto insurance does not always cover these losses. 

More information about accident lawsuits and obtaining evidence

USAttorneys.com is a resource that is available to anyone in Salt Lake City or other parts of the country after an accident. When a crash happens in Utah, the site provides a listing of lawyers who are available to file personal injury lawsuits. 

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