Iowa City, IA – Various forms of pain, stress, and tension in the back are the most common reasons why people see doctors in the United States. While there are a number of different ways that these kinds of pains and health care issues occur, motor vehicle accidents are very likely to cause or aggravate a back injury

Symptoms that may indicate a back injury is present

Sudden pains that move through the back or create a stabbing feeling are often associated with back injuries. It is also possible that these pains can go down through the person’s legs. The muscles in the back may feel tense, especially when moving, standing, sitting, or working. These tensions and aches commonly go away if the person is in a stationary position while sitting. 

Showing an accident caused back injuries

Because causation is an element required in all negligence cases, it is important for the victim’s attorney to show that the back injury was actually a result of the car crash and not merely some other injury that the person already had. This is essential to getting the proper amount of compensation to treat the back injury and other related losses. 

The first step to show where an injury came from is usually an examination by an appropriate doctor. A physician who specializes in these kinds of injuries is likely to know exactly what kind of sprain, impact, or trauma result in the specific condition that is affecting the victim. Their expert opinion and testimony can also rule out other causes such as a work injury or aging. 

The victim’s own testimony can also be crucial. In a best case scenario, the victim can testify and prove that they had no prior back problems or injuries before the accident, and then symptoms suddenly started to appear. It is also not always immediately after the crash that the back pain will emerge, but it may take weeks before the first symptoms are obvious. 

The condition of the car can also be crucial to showing that injuries are likely to occur. Things like pictures and video evidence can demonstrate how the victim would have been affected by sudden movements or high speed impacts during a collision and while the car was in motion. 

Local attorneys who are licensed to practice in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices assists local clients in the state of Iowa with various types of cases related to injuries, accidents, and negligence. Whenever a local accident victim is struggling with sudden expenses and wants to try to receive compensation, the firm is available to help during this time.  

Firm contact info: 

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices 

1921 51st Street NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2400  


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