How does an auto insurance company in Yuma determine what amount will be paid in a settlement?

Yuma, AZ – When someone needs compensation after their accident, the most convenient way to receive money is through the insurance process. The person can file a claim after the incident, the insurance companies will review the situation, and they can offer the victim a certain amount of money for their losses. However, it is possible that claims are denied or settlements are insufficient to cover the victim’s bills. This is why it may be necessary for the person to get legal assistance to review the situation and see if a lawsuit or other measures should be taken. 

Settlement offers from insurance companies

The insurance company of the defendant will try to look for issues with liability first before paying out. This means that they must believe that their insured driver was the one who actually caused the accident. If a lawsuit is necessary, a negligence case follows a similar process where the defendant must be shown to have breached the relevant standard of care for a driver and caused injuries to the plaintiff when doing so. 

What kind of damage occurred during the accident?

Another crucial question is the severity of the crash and resulting losses. This means that a settlement for a minor crash is going to be much smaller than one where the people involved were seriously hurt or if the vehicles were a total loss due to significant amounts of damage. Again, this follows the trajectory of a lawsuit, where the plaintiff will argue for damages that must be paid to cover things like medical costs, lost income and wages, and their pain and suffering. This is why compensation for both insurance settlements and lawsuits tend to increase as the crash becomes more severe.  

Is the damage covered?

Insurance companies regularly deny claims altogether if they believe that the insured driver did not have the type of coverage that is applicable to their particular accident. This is why drivers should review their policies with their insurance companies to see if they need to add coverage for things like collision damage, or a comprehensive policy that will cover damage from other sources aside from accidents. In every state, the only type of insurance coverage that is mandated by law is coverage for liability, which means that the driver will not have to use their personal money to pay for any damage that they cause because the insurance provider pays on their behalf.

Car accident lawyers in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that helps people with receiving compensation for their injuries in the Yuma area. Anyone who needs additional information and assistance can schedule a meeting with one of their attorneys.

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