How does auto insurance help New Jersey drivers in case of a crash?

Camden County, NJ – Car insurance is meant to help pay for things like medical treatment and vehicle repairs in case of an accident. This can be an important way for anyone who is affected to return to normal quickly if their claim is paid out and covered under the specifics of the policy. However, there are also situations where coverage is insufficient, especially if the accident is severe and the victim requires extensive medical treatment and care. 

Legal requirements for coverage amounts

All drivers are required to purchase basic auto insurance to drive on the state’s roads. New Jersey has specific car insurance requirements that are different from most other jurisdictions. These include coverage for bodily injuries, liability, and property damage. The bodily injury protection up to $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident, property damage of up to $5,000. The state also required personal injury protection. This needs to be up to $15,000 per person under the policy. All commercial insurance providers that sell policies in the state will have these minimums included.  

Even when a policy is in place, the driver still needs to formally file a claim after their accident. The provider will review the accident and the driver’s specific terms to determine if they will actually pay the claim. There are some situations where the insurance company will deny the claim, even if the accident victim assumed that they would be protected. 

When car insurance does not pay for everything

It is possible that a car accident causes someone to have permanent injuries and their ability to work and earn a living will be affected as well. The costs associated with lost income and years of medical treatment can become serious. In these cases, it is very unlikely that a standard auto insurance policy claim will be able to cover such significant costs. Legal help through a personal injury lawsuit is often the best way for an accident victim who has experienced serious losses to have a chance of being compensated properly. 

Personal injury lawsuits

A personal injury lawsuit allows the victim and their lawyer to argue for larger sums of money to cover economic losses, as well as non-economic losses related to their pain, suffering, and reductions in quality of life. This is true even if the damages reach into the thousands or millions of dollars. A settlement or jury verdict can sometimes be more effective than insurance claims when serious injuries and treatments need to be paid for.

Car crash attorneys in New Jersey

Benedetto Legal Associates works with local clients in the Camden area after their motor vehicle accidents. Anyone who needs assistance after a collision can call the firm for immediate help and guidance. 

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