Houston, TX – There are a number of important pieces of legislation at both the state and the federal level that have been passed over the years to protect workers from various illegal practices. One of the most important laws in this regard is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which regulates pay for employees. 

Important provisions of the FLSA

According to the federal government, the FLSA set rules for youth workers, overtime, minimum wage laws, and recordkeeping for all employers in the public and private sectors. Basic rules such as the national $7.25 minimum wage for all workers and time and a half pay for all overtime in excess of forty hours per week were also set by this law. If a state has passed a minimum wage law that is different from the federal minimum wage law, the worker in that state is required to be paid the higher amount. The FLSA does not require overtime just because a workday falls on a holiday or weekend, although some states have legislated in this area. All employers are also required to follow the act’s guidelines for keeping accurate and complete records of employee hours worked. These may be reviewed during an investigation, and the workplace can be fined if these records are not kept. 

Employees versus independent contractors

As more employees are able to engage in contract and freelance work due to increases in technology, the classification of workers has become an important area of employment law. When an employer engages in the practice of improperly identifying their workers, they may lose benefits, overtime, and other important legal protections. Some workplaces will purposely do this as a cost saving measure. However, such actions are still illegal and subject to various actions such as lawsuits and sanctions by a government agency. 

Legal help for violations of wage laws

When a worker has issues with these wage laws and other protections in the act, they should first formally contact their employer’s human resources or payroll department. It is possible that the employer made a calculation error or some other honest mistake that can be fixed easily. However, if it seems that the employer is being evasive or refusing to remedy any wage violations, the worker should retain an attorney to review their situation. Remedies for unpaid or improper wages can include back pay, future pay, and interests added to outstanding amounts. 

Help from local employment lawyers

Moore and Associates is a trusted firm that handles labor and employment issues for clients throughout the state of Texas. Workplace issues such as harassment, unpaid wages, discrimination, harassment, and unpaid overtime may require assistance from an experienced attorney.

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