Fort Walton Beach, FL—When an accident occurs and it wasn’t the injured party’s fault, they may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who they believe was responsible for the incident. While the personal injury lawsuit process will slightly differ depending on who is being sued, whether it is a hospital for medical negligence or the city for a slip and fall accident, most cases will go through the following stages:


  1. The accident victim retains a Fort Walton Beach, FL personal injury lawyer.

It is always recommended for an accident victim to hire a personal injury lawyer following an accident that wasn’t their fault as they are going to handle most of the process for them and fight for the best possible outcome. When an individual chooses to represent themselves, the court will expect them to understand the laws that apply to their case and gather sufficient evidence to prove they should be awarded compensation for their injuries.


  1. The lawyer begins working on the case.

Once a lawyer is hired, they are going to work on gathering evidence that supports the victim’s need for compensation and why the other party should be required to pay them. For example, if an individual was injured by a distracted driver, their attorney is going to need to prove the driver was negligent and that his/her negligence caused the victim to suffer injuries.

Building a case can sometimes take time so accident victims should be patient and remain in close contact with their personal injury attorney while they work to gather evidence.


  1. The lawsuit is filed.

After a lawsuit is filed, the other party is notified and given the opportunity to respond and retain a lawyer of their own. During the initial stages of the lawsuit process, both parties can enter into mediation where they can try and work out an agreement rather than having to take their case to trial. During mediation, a third party who is neutral to the case will help the parties work to try and “resolve the dispute,” according to the American Bar Association.

If the two parties are able to settle the case during mediation, then the case would end there. Having an attorney present during the mediation process can be rather beneficial as they will help their client make an informed decision as to whether they should accept the settlement or not.


  1. A trial is scheduled.

If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, then the case would go to court. A judge and/or jury, if one is assigned to the case, will issue a verdict after hearing from both sides.


Browning Law Firm Can Help a Victim Get Their Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed


If an individual is looking to sue a driver, business owner, property owner, manufacturer, doctor, hospital, or anyone else they believe is responsible for causing them to suffer injuries, they can contact Browning Law Firm for legal help. The Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorneys at Browning Law Firm will help a person understand their legal rights and assist them with getting their lawsuit filed.


Browning Law Firm can be reached at:


418 Racetrack Rd. NE, Ste B

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Phone: 850-344-1736


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