How does the Texas Payday Law protect workers in Irving from wage theft?

Irving, TX – Workers are always entitled to receive their full pay from their employer. This means that things like late wages, unpaid overtime, illegal deductions, stolen tips, and minimum wage violations can all count as forms of wage theft. To combat issues with wage theft, the state of Texas has passed broad pieces of legislation that cover many aspects of proper payment and related matters. If there are questions about any particular wages or missing pay, the worker can meet with an attorney and contact the state’s workforce commission. 

What is the Texas Payday Law?

The Texas Payday Law gives the Texas Workforce Commission the authority to investigate unpaid wage claims. The law applies to all non-federal employers in the state and their employees. There are some exceptions to the law for independent contractors and business done by family members.  

All wages are covered under the law including overtime, minimum wage protections, as well as commissions, bonuses, and other benefits. Employers are required to follow relevant wage laws in the state and those set by the federal government, otherwise they can be sued or face other consequences during the course of an investigation. 

The law also states how wages must be delivered to their workers, and that all payments must be made in U.S. dollars. Workers who believe they have been affected by wage theft or missing wages have up to 180 days after the wages were due to submit a formal claim. There are also time limits and regulations that apply to workers being paid in a timely manner if they are laid off or terminated. In these situations, the employer is only required to compensate the employee for the time they actually worked. 

Things like training and required meetings are considered time that workers must be compensated under Department of Labor regulations if the worker’s presence is required. The Texas Payday Law does not cover break time, but federal regulations generally say that a worker must be compensated for breaks that last twenty minutes or less. 

Issues with unpaid wages

Once a worker discovers issues with unpaid wages, they can contact the workforce commission, retain an attorney to assist with the matter, or both. It is possible that the employer may be sued to provide the full outstanding amount, plus other types of damages such as interest of liquidated damages. 

Getting information from a labor law practice

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps workers in Irving and other parts of Texas with labor law issues, including wage disputes, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Anyone who needs assistance from an employment lawyer can contact the firm to learn more.

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