How is a car accident settlement negotiated in Zachary?

Zachary, LA – Almost all motor vehicle accident lawsuits will end by the plaintiff and defendant or their insurance company making a settlement agreement. This is done to save the time and expense associated with trial, as well as avoid the risk of the jury coming back with a verdict for the defendant where the plaintiff will not receive compensation at all. It is helpful for anyone who has been harmed in an accident to get an overview of how this process works. More specific questions should be directed to a local legal professional who handles accident lawsuits

How is compensation determined in the settlement?

Louisiana law allows accident victims to ask for certain types of compensation when they bring a negligence lawsuit. This includes economic damages for things like medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages for physical pain, suffering, trauma, and other mental health issues. The victim can generally expect these amounts to increase with the severity of the accident in question, as injuries that will have long term consequences and those that require extensive medical treatment will result in more damages. It is also possible to project future losses and project these for years in advance if the victim is disabled or has other problems that will have the effect of producing more losses over time.

How evidence affects amounts offered to the victim

The victim will have much more leverage to ask for all of the compensation that they need if they can show that the defendant was clearly at fault. This can be determined through things like pictures of the scene, testimony from witnesses, and the police report that gives information and opinions about how the accident happened and who was involved. If the evidence against the defendant is weak, their attorneys are much less likely to offer a substantial amount of compensation. 


The main aspect of a settlement is negotiating for a particular amount. Both sides are involved in this process, and they will try to meet their client’s interest by either saving or gaining money. Insurance companies are known to offer smaller amounts early in this process to try to end the case, although clients are generally advised to avoid taking these settlements unless they have already reviewed them with their lawyer. Ideally, the victim should try to negotiate for as long as it takes to get the compensation they actually need. 

Assistance from an accident attorney in Louisiana

There are accident lawyers in Zachary who can help with the process to bring a lawsuit and receive compensation. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that focuses on personal injury matters and negotiating settlements for local clients. 

Firm contact info:

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