How is evidence and information gathered during an accident lawsuit in Monticello?

Monticello, LA – When an accident victim sues the person or business who caused a collision, they will need to show that the defendant was at fault if they want to collect damages. This is done through evidence that shows things such as traffic violations, careless behavior on the roads, or even criminal activity that led to the accident. There are a few different ways that these kinds of evidence are gathered and shared during the course of a civil case. It is best for anyone who is about to go through this process to get help from an experienced lawyer. 

The accident scene

Much of the important information that is relevant to the lawsuit will be available in some form at the scene immediately after the crash. This includes things such as the condition of the vehicles and extent of the damage, witness testimony from anyone who saw the crash, the physical condition of the victim and their injuries noted by emergency responders, and any notes from law enforcement. Some of this information can be captured through pictures and writings, and it may be admitted during trial or exchanged before settlement negotiations. The person who is injured should also try to retain this information for when they file an insurance claim. 

Accident reports

The local police are given the important task of summarizing all of this information into a formal report that will be available at a later time. Accident reports often become a very crucial piece of evidence, and this is because the police will try to give an objective account of what happened, along with opinions regarding the actual cause of the collision and damages. It is possible in some cases that the report will become one of the most definitive pieces of evidence regarding fault or negligence. 


In some cases, a witness may have to formally recount what they saw in a controlled setting. Depositions are a way to find out what a witness will say during trial, but they are taken before the trial date to give the parties insight regarding the person’s knowledge and specific perspective. 

The discovery process

One of the more important parts of injury lawsuits happens after both parties are on notice of the pending litigation. The discovery process starts, where the plaintiff and defendant’s lawyers must exchange all relevant information that they have which may affect the outcome of the case. This phase of the lawsuit is important because the evidence will tend to show which party is responsible, which makes settlement negotiations more efficient.

Assistance with an accident lawsuit

There are accident lawyers who help local clients in Monticello and other parts of Louisiana. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that has extensive experience handling injury cases. 

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