How is liability determined in a truck collision in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge, LATruck accidents can result in many serious problems for the victim because of the size and weight of the vehicles. The business that owns the vehicle knows that they may be responsible for thousands or millions worth of damages, and they have special insurance and other measures. Some firms in Louisiana dedicate their time to helping victims sort out all of these issues.  

Sources of liability

It is possible that several different parties may be attached as defendants and be liable for injuries and damage caused during the collision. These may include the driver of the truck, the company that owns the truck, manufacturers of parts or vehicles, laborers who worked on the vehicle, and others who were responsible for its maintenance. Additional parties may be implicated depending on the specifics of the accident and road conditions. This is especially true if the company regularly leases vehicles for their business purposes. Sometimes trucking companies who hire individuals without proper training or observing transportation guidelines can be found negligent in a lawsuit as well. Employers are generally liable for actions of their employees while engaged in their standard job duties. 

There are clearly many variables in determining liability, so it is important to review the specifics of any accident with legal counsel. 

Procedures related to giving notice

When a plaintiff begins a lawsuit, they will normally attach all parties who are potentially liable as defendants in the beginning of the case. As information is shared through the discovery process, certain parties may be detached from the lawsuit it is obvious they did not share any fault for the collision. The focus may be on one or two parties or individuals as evidence is made available. 

Paying for damages

If a party is found to be liable, they will have to pay for the plaintiff’s losses. This can include economic damages, which are medical bills, missed time from work, and property repairs. Non-economic damages are required to pay for the victim’s trauma, physical and emotional pain, and reduced quality of life. In rare cases, the victim may also be awarded punitive damages as a way of punishing the defendant for reckless or malicious behavior. Because truck accidents are so disastrous, the amount of money paid out through a settlement or verdict tends to be a much larger sum than lawsuits involving regular sized cars.   

Learning about the possibility of a lawsuit

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf help people with their accident lawsuits in Baton Rouge. Anyone who is considering a negligence lawsuit against the person or business responsible for their injuries can get in touch with the firm to learn more. 

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