How is the value of a car accident determined in Austin?

Austin, TX – Car collisions result in property damage, injuries, and other kinds of losses. When the victim needs to file an insurance claim or bring a lawsuit, there needs to be a specific dollar amount assigned to these costs. There are a few different areas of costs that can be used to estimate the value of all of the losses related to the crash, but it is best for the driver to contact their insurance company and speak with a lawyer if they need personal advice. 

Vehicle damage

One of the most obvious costs of a car crash is the damage to the vehicle itself. Insurance companies normally ask for pictures of the vehicle, and they can send an adjuster out to view the damage. If the driver has collision insurance, their own provider may pay these losses, or it is possible that the driver at fault may have to pay for this property damage through their liability policy. If the costs of repairs are close to the value of the car, it is possible that the insurance company will consider the vehicle a total loss and issue the driver a check that is comparable to the vehicle’s value. 

Medical costs

Another significant cost created by car collisions is related to treatment for injuries. People who were hurt in the accident may need to be transported to a hospital or emergency room, and they also may need various other kinds of healthcare in the days, weeks, or months following the crash. Healthcare is expensive in the United States, and the costs associated with the accident will increase greatly as the victim needs additional treatment and other medical services. 

Other kinds of damages

If the driver at fault is sued, the attorney for the victim will ask for other kinds of losses as well. This can include non-economic damages for pain, suffering, and trauma. This is done because a victim’s quality of life can be affected by physical pain, mental problems, and the inability to live a normal life if they are seriously injured. The victim can also project their future needs for medical treatment and healthcare, along with future lost income and wages if they cannot work as normal. These kinds of future costs are one of the ways that the value of a serious car crash can increase to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Attorneys who handle accident lawsuits in Texas

Robson Law Firm is an accident firm that helps people receive compensation for their injuries in the Austin area. People who have recently been involved in a motor vehicle crash can schedule a meeting with their attorneys to get advice. 

Firm contact info:

Robson Law Firm

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