Individuals who suffer the wrongful death of a family member may have so many questions. It is never easy to mourn someone’s passing, especially when it could have all been avoided.

Most negligence cases usually happen between one individual and another. If there is one type of lawsuit that requires the help of a legal professional, it’s the ones that take on the federal government and holding them accountable. Fortunately, if a filed claim meets the statute of limitations and legal criteria, compensation is possible.

The statute of limitations requires that a citizen file their lawsuit within two years of the incident. Additionally, six months must be allowed for the federal government to investigate the charges against them.

One example of this comes from a recent article from the Montrose Press. In this article, a family based in Montrose filed a federal lawsuit against a land management agency that controls the South Canal. In 2019, their teenage son and dog suffered a drowning in the South Canal. The incident occurred when the son jumped into the calm canal to save the dog.

The argument of the lawsuit stems from the negligence of the canal operator who refused to apply any sign or fence that closed the gate off. The claim is that the refusal of managing the premises resulted in deaths that could have been avoided.

How to file a negligence lawsuit against the Federal Government. 

Some things to keep in mind if an individual files a lawsuit claim against the federal government should do the following:

  • File within 2 years of the incident.
  • Make sure it qualifies under the Federal Tort Claims Act
  • File appropriate documentation to the appropriate Federal office

Our Colorado Based Law Firm Can Help You Take on The Federal Government!

Contact our Colorado Based Legal team for a free consultation. We are ready and able to fight for the compensation you and your family deserve. We understand that filing a lawsuit against a negligent party can bring an unnecessary emotional strain on an already traumatic event.

Our team can streamline the process. We will initiate your case immediately!

If a family has questions regarding filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado or would like to receive a free case evaluation, they can contact Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC at 720-923-2333.

Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC can be reached at:

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