Cedar Rapids, IA – Many motor vehicle accidents cause injuries to a person’s spine, which are serious and life changing. These types of injuries affect the victim’s ability to function and move around as normal. There are various kinds of treatments that can help the victim, but affording this kind of long term healthcare may be difficult or impossible without resorting to a lawsuit. 

Recovering from a spine injury

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no way to permanently reverse or heal damage to the spinal cord. However, many doctors who specialize in this field have developed ways to assist with mobility through prosthetics or regenerate cell and nerve functions through medications. Most treatments that are available are meant to help the victim return to their normal life and prevent any kind of additional damage or injuries.  

The first symptoms 

Immediately after the collision, emergency workers and doctors generally focus on limiting movement, which would cause further harm, ensuring that the victim can breathe, and preventing various kinds of shock that result in additional injury. One the person is stabilized, they may remain in the hospital with a neck collar or go into surgery to limit the damage to the spine and remove any debris from the area. 

Long term concerns

As a person begins to recover, there is always the possibility of blood clots, ulcers, bowel control issues, and infections. These may be controlled during a hospital stay and after the victim returns home, but the timeline is highly dependent on the specifics of the injury in question. The victim can independently attend physical therapy and various forms of rehabilitation once they are well enough to go on their own. It can possibly take months or years for the person to regain muscle function and mass in areas that were damaged. 

The necessity of a lawsuit

These treatments can become extremely expensive over time. Someone with a permanent spine injury may have to invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into special healthcare over the course of their life. For these reasons, a personal injury lawsuit is often the best way for the victim to afford their treatment, even if they have relevant insurance. The civil lawsuit can add up all of these costs and project them into the future. If the plaintiff is successful, the person responsible will have to pay for most or all of these treatments. 

Advice from Iowa accident attorneys

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices are available to assist clients in the Cedar Rapids area. The firm focuses their efforts on various kinds of personal injury and accident lawsuits

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