A personal injury claim should be filed whenever a person faces an injury due to the negligence of another person in Monroe, Louisiana. The amount that a person receives at the end of the claim varies significantly for every case and depends on several factors.

The severity of the injury plays the biggest role in determining how much a person will walk home with at the end of their case. The more damages a person faces and the higher their medical bills were, the more settlement they will be given.

Another factor that plays a significant role in determining how much settlement will be decided, is who was responsible for the accident that leads to the injuries. If the other party was entirely at fault than a person will be entitled to receive more. However, if a person was guilty themselves and they partially contributed to the accident that caused them to suffer the injuries, their final settlement amount will be reduced based on how much they suffered.

Most individuals look to have their finances secured as soon as possible and they wish to have immediate access to the amount of money they have claimed. However, the actual amount of time it will take for a person’s claim to be settled fluctuates from case to case. A personal injury lawyer in Monroe, Louisiana who specializes in dealing with personal injury cases like one’s own can inform a person on how long it will take for their case to process based on relevant factors.

Depending on how complex a person’s case was, how much money is being requested, and the general workload at the time of application, the amount of time it takes for a person to be compensated will differ.

When can a personal injury claim be filed in Monroe, Louisiana?

A personal injury claim should never be rushed. One’s attorney will first make sure to have a medical practitioner assess the extent of the harm suffered. Once all the medical bills and records are obtained, one’s attorney can file the claim with the insurer, and the insurer is generally required to reply within a month. If they fail to negotiate a fair settlement, then the case will extend longer, and it will move on to the courts.

The fewer parties included and the more straight forward the case is, the sooner a person will get their settlement. If the case was overly complicated and there is not enough evidence to back up the claims, then the process can take longer. The personal injury claim process may also take longer if a person attempts to file the claim themselves and they make errors and fail to follow legal procedures.

Anyone who is looking to file a personal injury claim should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer at Campbell, House, and Company as soon as possible to begin the claim process.

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