After being involved in a car accident, you may find that the back pain you once had has now worsened or the migraines you experienced before have now intensified. These medical conditions that existed prior to the accident are known as pre-existing conditions, and sometimes, the insurance company that is responsible for compensating you for the pain the accident has brought on will attempt to pay little to nothing for your claim. But why?
When it comes to insurance companies, most will find a loophole that can be used to pay as little as possible for an injured car accident victim. And one of the explanations they may provide you with is that your injury was already present prior to the accident and that it didn’t actually arise from it. But the reality is, the accident worsened the injuries and/or conditions you already had and you are now living a life in pain and misery. So, what can you do?
If an insurance company is blaming your pre-existing conditions for the chronic pain and discomfort you now have and they aren’t willing to cover certain things such as the costs associated with medical treatments you now need, it may be time to contact a Woodstock, GA accident lawyer at Imbriale Injury Law. Rather than having to go back and forth with the insurer only to have them continue to deny you the compensation you deserve, let one of these car accident lawyers step in and assist with getting you what you deserve to be paid.
How can a Woodstock, GA accident lawyer help me get my insurance claim approved when my pre-existing conditions have worsened?
 There are a number of ways an attorney can help prove the accident caused your injury to worsen. Some ways an attorney will support this claim include:

  • Collecting medical evidence. If you suffered from a condition prior to the accident, it is likely you went to the doctor to receive treatment for it. Your medical records should indicate how serious the injury or condition was and the treatments you received or needed. Your accident lawyer will also collect medical documentation that shows your condition now and how it has worsened. Documents such as doctors notes and insurance claims filed will show what treatments are now needed and the level of pain you are experiencing compared to your physical state before the accident.
  • How the accident has impacted your life. While you may have been able to work before the accident despite the back pain you had, now, after the accident, you may be unable to work or carry out the duties you once could due to the increased level of pain you feel in your back. And your medical records should highlight your problem areas and how the accident has caused them to worsen.
  • Claiming the “eggshell skull rule” applies. This doctrine says that a person who causes an accident due to their negligent behavior “takes the victim in the condition they are in” and that the compensation due should not be reduced because of a pre-existing condition.

The fact is, any type of accident has the potential to affect a person’s life in more ways than one. And if the insurer you are filing a claim through is denying you benefits or attempting to provide you with an inadequate amount of compensation, it would be in your best interest to contact Imbriale Injury Law in Woodstock, GA and get your free consultation scheduled.
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