How much can you get for a head and neck injury in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach, FL – Each year there are over 80,000 head and neck injuries reported in the US, and most of them are caused by car accidents. If you’ve recently suffered this type of injury, you might think recovering damages will be an easy thing, seeing that insurance companies deal with such problems every single day. The truth is this only makes things harder for you, as insurers have developed strategies to deal with head and neck injuries and minimize the value of the claims they receive. If you want to get the money you deserve, you’d do well to talk to a knowledgeable Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer before you file a claim. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of a bad situation.

Should I settle my head and neck injury early?

This is probably the worst mistake you could make. If the insurance adjuster is pressuring you to settle the claim, that’s because they know it would be a big mistake.

Head and neck injuries can be very misleading. One day you wake up feeling just fine and you tell yourself you’re out of the woods. The problem is now behind you so you might as well settle the claim. What if the next day you have a dizzy spell or there’s some odd numbness in your arm? Or, have you considered your productivity level lately? Are you back to the level you were before the accident or are you still struggling to get the work done? 

As a general rule, when the doctor tells you everything’s fine, you should wait at least 30-60 days to make sure you’re OK. Use this time to monitor any weird symptoms, like headaches that come and go or certain stiffness in your movements. Any such issue could be a sign you’re not 100% recovered. If you need further treatment, that should be included in your claim. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. Remember that any medical record you can produce can help you maximize the value of your claim. 

What is the average settlement for a neck injury?

If you want a quick answer, that would be anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000. At least, that’s what statistics say. However, you shouldn’t pay much attention to averages. Remember that each case is different and only a knowledgeable Daytona Beach accident lawyer can tell you how much your claim is worth. 

The term head and neck injury is used to cover a variety of medical issues, ranging from a strained muscle that heals in a couple of weeks to a herniated disc that requires surgery and still bothers you many months after the accident. Your lawyer will evaluate the extent of your damages by studying your medical file and by analyzing the way your injury impacted your life.

If you’ve had some type of surgery for your neck problem, you might be looking at a 6-figure settlement already. The medical bills alone might be over $100,000, and you also have to include in your claim your lost wages and the non-economic damages, those that should compensate you for your pain and suffering. Only a lawyer with many years of expertise in personal injury cases can tell you how much you should ask for your pain and suffering. Just keep in mind there’s no cap on pain and suffering damages in Florida. 

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