If you contracted the COVID-19 virus while on the job and you qualify to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, you may be entitled to collect a portion of the salary you were earning prior to you getting sick. Before determining how much you are entitled to receive, your employer’s insurer will look at how much you were earning along with your ability to work. Because COVID-19 can spread from person to person, it is likely you cannot work which means you may be eligible for Temporary Total disability (TT).

Once a physician has established that you cannot work because of your illness, the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) says that you should receive money equaling 66 2/3% of your regular wages at the time you were hurt, subject to a statewide maximum reimbursement amount. However, it is important to note that you will not receive temporary disability benefits for the first seven days of your disability. The only time workers receive money for the first seven days they spend out of work is when they are disabled for more than 21 days.

Now, depending on how severe your condition is, you may be entitled to 80% of your regular wages for up to six months and eligible workers can receive up to 104 weeks of temporary disability benefits. If you would like to estimate how much you may receive from your employer’s workers’ comp insurer, click here to access the DWC Temporary Total Disability Benefit Calculator.

Important: Many insurers are requiring that workers prove they contracted the COVID-19 virus while on the job which could make it more difficult for workers to obtain workers’ comp benefits. If you contracted COVID-19 while on the job in Miami, FL, we recommend you contact Miami, FL workers’ comp attorney Mario Trespalacios to assist with your claim.


Did you already file a workers’ comp claim for the COVID-19 virus you contracted while working in Miami, FL?

Was your claim denied?


If so, and you want to challenge the insurance company’s decision, you will need to retain a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer in Miami, FL to assist you. There are many workers in Miami and across the U.S. who are looking to recover benefits from workers’ comp but are having a difficult time doing so. At Mario Trespalacios P.A., we understand the tough times you are going through and want you to know we are available to help you get your issue resolved.


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