How much will a drunk driver owe accident victims in Miccosukee?

Miccosukee, FL – A collision involving a drunk driver is likely to result in significant amounts of property damage, serious injuries, or even fatalities. People who are responsible for these incidents can be punished under Florida law, and made to pay fines, lose their driver’s license, and even possibly spend time in jail. However, the victims also have the right to bring a civil lawsuit to try to get payment for their losses, regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges against the driver who caused the crash.

There are local attorneys who focus on drunk driving accident lawsuits and helping the victims receive compensation. 

Calculations of damages

Civil lawsuits are focused on providing compensation for the victims through the defendant’s insurance or other funds. The victim can use things like medical records, income statements, and other documentation to demonstrate their financial issues and specific costs. There are non-economic damages to pay the victim for physical pain, trauma, and losses related to their changed quality of life after an accident. However, these non-economic damages can be more difficult to estimate, as the victim’s attorney is given more room to argue. In accident lawsuits involving reckless behaviors such as drunk driving, there may also be punitive damages available as a way of punishing the defendant for these kinds of actions.  

Wrongful death lawsuits

If the accident involved any fatalities, the victim’s family can bring a similar lawsuit for financial assistance called a wrongful death case. This is similar to standard negligence cases, but the victim’s estate can collect money on the family’s behalf for things like a funeral and burial, the person’s future lost earning potential, and any final medical treatment. Wrongful death cases have a shorter statute of limitations, so it is important for families to get legal advice as soon as possible.  

Information about specific amounts of compensation

It is best for accident victims of intoxicated drivers to speak with their lawyer if they want a specific estimate of compensation. As a general rule, accidents that are more severe will result in larger costs. However, the specific costs of the medical treatment required, the person’s income and earning potential, how the attorney will argue for non-economic damages, and various other factors can make a significant difference in how much money will be awarded to the victim or their family. 

Accident attorneys in Florida

Smith and Vanture is a local personal injury practice that helps people who have been hurt in Miccosukee and other parts of Florida. Anyone who needs additional information about these matters can contact their firm to learn more from attorneys near me.

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