There is a three-strikes law, formally known as the habitual offender law, in Fort Myers Florida that applies to anyone who has committed a crime.  This law enforces individuals who convict consecutive crimes to be faced with more severe penalties.  Under this law, if a person convicts two or more felonies or serious offenses then they will have to face more extreme consequences. This can include paying higher fines or facing extended periods in prison.

Repeat offenders should reach out to a qualified lawyer to represent them in court as the stakes will be high. Getting charged for a consecutive offense can cause a person to face more critical sentences and every individual should try their best to represent their case in a manner that may have these legal consequences lightened by as much as possible.

If a person is wrongfully arrested a second time, then they have more reason to reach out to a lawyer as it can be even more difficult to prove they are innocent this time.

How many charges can be laid on a person at a time in Fort Myers, Florida?

Unfortunately, when a person is charged, the state and federal criminal justice systems often entail that criminals are faced with multiple charges at a time, depending on the nature of the crime they committed. This is done to ensure that justice is served for the innocent individuals that were harmed at the hands of the other and also, prosecutors often press more than one charge so that they have more chances of winning their case.

Anyone arrested for committing a crime, whether it is their first time or a subsequent offense should connect with a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida as soon as they can. A lawyer can not only look over a person’s case and see if they are facing inappropriate charges, but they can also combat improper law enforcement tactics if the officer used excessive force during the arrest or if they used any improper techniques that are not allowed according to the law. They can also protect a person from prosecutorial misconduct during the court process.

For a person to be charged, the prosecutor must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were guilty of committing the crime and if a person has the right defenses, the charges can be prevented. Having evidence to back up one’s defenses is essential to winning the favor of the court.

A criminal defense lawyer at the Robert Foley Law Firm can assist a person in getting the legal advice they need to prepare them for their trial and to equip them with the relevant defenses to reduce their penalties.

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