Memorial Day Weekend is known for the increased number of drunk drivers out on the roadways. Don’t make the same mistake as others and drive while intoxicated.
With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, you can expect that many police departments, including the Birmingham Police Department, might have checkpoints set up to help identify and arrest anyone driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. DUI checkpoints serve as a way to help reduce the number of drunk drivers out on the road and even prevent drunk driving accidents from occurring. If you have plans to head on Memorial Day Weekend, you are going to want to ensure you make the necessary arrangements to avoid having to drive to or from your destination intoxicated.
Not only is it a danger to both you and others on the roadway to drive while impaired, but being charged with DUI in the state of Alabama could place a damper on your life and even limit the opportunities presented. You never know what could arise because of your actions as many drunk drivers often wind up causing fatal auto accidents resulting in manslaughter and DUI charges.
If you are already facing a drunk driving charge in Alabama, you are going to need legal representation from a knowledgeable Birmingham DUI attorney immediately.

Tips for Staying Safe Over Memorial Day Weekend

Holidays weekends, especially Memorial Day, are known to have high travel times and lots of traffic out on the roadways. People are visiting from other cities and many are looking for a fun night out seeing that they have an extended time to relax. Some ways you can avoid getting behind the wheel intoxicated include:
·      Having a designated driver come out with you who has agreed not to drink.
·      Have your cell phone charged and ready to request an Uber that can come and pick you up and drop you off safely.
·      If you know you have to drive home or to another destination, avoid drinking too much or getting behind the wheel right after consuming alcohol. It is important for you to be aware of your limits, especially if you are responsible for transporting other people aside from yourself.

DUI Facts You Might Want to be Cognizant Of

Aside from the hefty fines, fees, and penalties you might face if convicted of DUI in Birmingham, you also have to consider the long-term effects of the charge. If charged and convicted of DUI in Alabama, you more than likely will lose your driving privileges and this charge will remain on your record for five years. And in the event you are charged and it isn’t the first time, you may be looking at having it remain on your record even longer.
Something else to consider is that if you are pulled over for DUI and an officer requests for you to take a breathalyzer test, you aren’t obligated to do so. Just know there are consequences to this so you will need to hire a DUI defense lawyer in Birmingham, AL immediately.
Rather than ending your long weekend in a jail cell or facing drunk driving accident charges, be safe and avoid drinking altogether if you are unable to make the necessary plans that will prevent you from getting behind the wheel drunk.

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