When you’re injured by someone, you don’t feel whole, physically, mentally, or financially. Depending on your injury, you might not be able to work for several weeks or months.

The most common type of personal injuries is automobile injuries where the negligence of someone else results in the injury of another. Other types include:

  • Assault or battery
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defamation or libel

If you get injured by someone else, hiring a personal lawyer can help you receive a settlement to help with medical bills, lost wages, or loss of property. But before you can start to resolve your case, you need to know how to find a personal injury lawyer.

Do Your Initial Research

When you’re first injured, you’ll feel the urge to call the first personal injury lawyer whose advertisement plays on the television or radio. Resist this urge because you’ll likely end up with a lawyer that’s not a good fit for you.

One of the best places to start when looking for a personal injury lawyer is with your friends and family. Ask members of your inner circles if they’ve ever pursued a personal injury case, who they used, and if they were satisfied with their representation.

Even if your family and friends can provide several suggestions, you should still do some research of your own. You might pull suggestions from commercials and billboards but you should check reviews of those attorneys online to see if they’re worth reaching out to.

Narrow Your List

Once you have your list of potential personal injury lawyers, start narrowing down your list.

Remove attorneys that don’t cover your type of personal injury. If you’ve been exposed to asbestos but have one of the top attorneys for car wrecks on your list, that won’t be a good match. You can find this type of information online or by calling the attorney’s office.

You can learn a lot about an attorney’s practice by evaluating their online presence. A professional lawyer will have a website full of valuable information as well as a strong social media presence. You should also be able to find current reviews and testimonials about the lawyer from recent clients which can help you narrow your search.

Conduct Attorney Interviews

You’ve narrowed your list, and now it’s time to start interviewing personal injury lawyers.

First, prioritize your list by putting the top 3-5 lawyers you think will be the best fit at the top of your list.

Next, schedule appointments to meet with your top choices and a few others. Keep in mind that most personal injury lawyers will offer a free initial consult for about 30-45 minutes to discuss your case.

When you meet with attorneys, ask them about cases they’ve worked on that are similar to yours and the outcomes of those cases.

During your attorney interviews, do ask about fees and expenses. Many personal injury lawyers use contingent fees, meaning they only get paid if they resolve the case successfully. Ask each attorney for a list of expenses you could be responsible for including any upfront costs or court fees.

Review Your Retainer Agreement

You’ve interviewed attorneys and compared costs. Now you’re ready to choose a personal injury lawyer to help with your case.

When you’ve found the lawyer you want to work with, potentially for several months, you’ll likely sign a retainer agreement with them.

Upon reviewing your retainer letter, ensure it covers the following:

Once you have an agreement that you’re happy with, keep the original signed document with your other important documents.

Now You Know How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

You now know how to find a personal injury lawyer with no trouble at all. If you do your research and listen to your gut when selecting a personal injury lawyer, you’re sure to find the right match.

Perhaps you’re still wondering if you’re even entitled to a personal injury case. Learn more about personal injury cases here.

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