It is no secret that driving under the influence of alcohol or drug can lead to imprisonment, heavy fines, higher insurance, and so on. Then again, you are subjected to blood tests, urine samples, breath tests and a lot more sobriety tests that the police force perform right after they pull you over.

Most often you are hardly given a chance to substantiate what went wrong, which is why you need to seek legal counsel right away and this should come from Robert Harenski. Robert Harenski is a no-nonsense legal pro who knows the tactics the police like to employ on people out on the road when they have the advantage. Well, they no longer have the advantage and this entire situation from a legal standpoint can be broken down and scrutinized by someone like Robert Harenski.
Robert Harenski knows how to find and poke holes in the prosecution’s argument and case!
However, the most incredible and poignant DUI legal professionals explain that there are a few things you can do right after you are pulled over or arrested on suspicion of DUI. This could potentially stop you from having to face the consequences of:

  • Revoked or suspended driving privileges
  • Losing your job
  • Paying heavy fines and higher premiums that third party insurers can hit you with
  • Losing your freedom to travel
  • Installation of an interlock ignition device and having to pay for and deal with this

This is apart from the potential jail time if you are convicted. Below are key points of receiving a DUI ticket and DUI salient advice and thoughts to ponder.
Here are a few pointers on how to potentially avoid a DUI arrest

  • Keep calm and politely explain to the police that you had not deliberately gone to someone’s house just to drink. You can show your friends’ birthday or wedding party invite card and confess to the police that you were obliged to take a drink or too, as a part of the customary preparations.
  • You can retain witnesses who will fight for your case and help you escape this trouble or at least some of it.

Getting out from a DUI arrest via breathalyzers or alcohol tests

  • In case the police forcefully seized you by your hand or hit you hard on your head, you can use this to your advantage. You can state that the physical harassment meted out by the police affected your breathing ability or have your attorney prove that the machine was not properly calibrated. Recent studies indicate that breathalyzer machines are often inaccurate and actually register breath alcohol content instead of blood alcohol content. The judge or jury could potentially dismiss the breathalyzer tests all together.

Urine Samples leading to your DUI arrest

  • You can defend your case stating that you will not be able to provide specimen samples or urine samples since you are weak. Your medical reports can help you evade the DUI arrest all together. That will save you big time in about every aspect of your life.

A DUI legal counselor who takes on cases with vigor and confidence
Signing up with a Gulfport, Mississippi DUI lawyer could potentially make or break your case.  What you need is a legal expert like Robert Harenski by your side to prevent you from incriminating yourself during interrogation. What you said to the police on the side of the road is over with and hopefully you did not say much. It could be argued you were under duress and so on but you have to be careful no matter what when speaking to the police.
His team will leave no stone unturned in finding the smallest discrepancy in the police report, sobriety tests, and any weaknesses in the claims made by the prosecution. Robert Harenski knows the law as good or better than any prosecutor in the area. No worries about that!
And he certainly knows the law better than any police officer who tries to take advantage of someone who is already stressed out by the situation. Robert Harenski has a strong track record and does not like it when the law tries to intimidate people. This is not Cuba or Russia! Robert Harenski will see to it that you are not cheated by the system and that you receive a fair shot under the laws of Mississippi!

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