How to handle a car accident during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The state of Florida is currently a hotspot for the Coronavirus new Delta Variant. This more contagious variant is running rampant against Miami Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties. One of the reasons of the surge is due to the return of school this fall. Both mandates and lack of regulations have caused controversy in the state, therefore making the virus worse.

Despite the Delta variant’s dominance in Florida, driver still have places to go and things to do, even though Florida is one of the most dangerous places to drive in the United States. Accidents will continue to happen regardless of circumstances, and new protocols should be taken in the event of an auto collision.


Floridians who find themselves in a car accident during the times of COVID-19 should do the following:

  • Maintain social distance from the other driver.
  • Keep your mask on with any interaction with the other driver.
  • Show proof of vaccination if needed.
  • Request the other driver apply their mask before contact.
  • Reach out to insurance company
  • Seek medical care
  • Call 9-11
  • See if the other driver seeks medical attention. Tend to their needs if necessary.
  • Hire an auto accident attorney.


How the Delta Variant is complicating auto accidents.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated everyday life. Some of the way the deadly virus has complicated car accidents include:

  • Commands social distance.
  • Results in delays by first responders and a difference in their operations.
  • May result in delays or lack of care due to filled hospitals.
  • Medical neglect due to burned out medical professionals.
  • More road rage due to stressed drivers on the road.


There are many other negative effects that COVID can worsen car accidents.  Our office is here to help! Our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys are here to protect you and your rights

South Florida is filled with traffic, therefore making the chance of an accident more probable. An individual may need the services of a skilled and experienced auto accident attorney in the case of a collision, whether at fault or not. Our leading and nationally lauded South Florida-based offices are ready and equipped to handle most cases. Never go at it alone, we can guide you through every step. Broward County residents are encouraged to follow accident safety protocols and professionalism during an accident in order for a chance at a favorable outcome.

Our attorneys will get started on your case right away and we will individually tailor your defense for a possible favorable outcome. We will always put your rights first, no matter the circumstances. Our offices are awaiting your call and we work tirelessly to defend your rights.

Whether you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury due to an auto collision, our office is ready to fight for and protect our South Florida community. We have offices in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the greater Miami area.

Our attorneys are here through the most complicated circumstances. Contact us today so you can rest assured that we will always prioritize your peace of mind.


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