The landscape of the modern workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. Although many facets of working life have improved, there are still challenges to overcome. Unfortunately, hostile work environment sexual harassment is one of those challenges.
In fact, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that 25% to 85% of working women have experienced sexual harassment at work. The reason this gap is so large is that an estimated 75% of harassment incidences go unreported.
These numbers show that there is a long way to go before this society solves this problem. Whether it is due to shame, fear, or cultural norms, too many instances of harassment aren’t reported. Fighting these sexual harassment cases is the best way to improve the workplace for everyone.
If you’re wondering whether you are a victim of hostile work environment sexual harassment, read more to find out.

What Is It?

Most people think they know the definition of sexual harassment, but they may not know how nuanced it can be. It’s not only unwanted sexual advances and comments that are sexual harassment, but gestures as well.
To add onto that definition, hostile work environment sexual harassment is a specific kind of harassment that interferes with an employee’s ability to do their job.

As a Classification

A co-worker, superior, or even a third party can be the perpetrators of this type of harassment. There are many actions that fall under this definition, including lewd jokes or sexual requests. Unlike other types of harassment, hostile work environment sexual harassment is the repeated occurrences of this unwanted behavior.
Since there are many circumstances that qualify for this classification, it is often considered case by case.
Usually, these cases involve repeated offenses, which helps to prove the harassment. If only one incident occurs, it is often a more serious event.
The person filing the suit does not necessarily need to be a direct recipient of the comments or interactions. If the complainant can find someone with the same personal characteristics to file with them, they can open a case based on what they’ve witnessed.
Finally, if a supervisor shows favoritism to an employee they’re sexual with, a case for harassment is possible. This could make it seem like having a sexual relationship with them is the only way to advance.

Who Is Liable?

This is one of the most important arguments in any sexual harassment lawsuit.
If the sexual harassment occurred between two employees working at the same level, there needs to be proof that a supervisor was aware of it and did nothing to stop it.
If the case involves a supervisor and an employee, the company is liable in most cases.

Help with Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

After learning what hostile work environment sexual harassment looks like, you can begin to take action on your potential case. It can be scary to pursue justice, but it is always worth it.
At, we help victims in the same situation find the legal representation they deserve. With our guidance, you can find an attorney in the San Diego, California area with the support and expertise you need to win your case.
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