How to Read a Carfax Vehicle History Report

A Carfax Vehicle History Report can be used to determine the value of a car and its current condition. Carfax takes into account more than 20 different factors when compiling a vehicle history report so that you can make an informed decision as you look to buy a used vehicle (1). 

Whether you want to know how many owners a particular vehicle had or whether it’s been involved in an accident, Carfax’s vehicle history report is one tool you can use to determine this and much more. 


What is included in a Carfax Vehicle History Report?


Most Carfax Vehicle History Reports contain a substantial amount of information so you’ll want to be sure you read through it carefully. If you come across something you don’t understand, be sure to ask the dealer or person selling the vehicle before committing to the purchase.

Most history reports provided on behalf of Carfax contain similar information. Here’s what you may find in the report.

  • The number of accidents the vehicle has been involved in. It’s worth noting that if the owner of a vehicle failed to report the accident to the police or their insurer, there may not be a record of it. Therefore, it is possible the vehicle could have been involved in a single-vehicle collision and you wouldn’t know.
  • Whether the vehicle was serviced regularly. Some Carfax Vehicle History Reports will outline how often the previous owner(s) took it in for servicing. 
  • Whether there are any open recalls. If a recall was issued for the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, it may be listed on the vehicle’s history report. Be sure to clarify with the dealer whether the recalls were closed or if they are still open.
  • Vehicle loans. If the vehicle was purchased through financing, this might also be listed on the history report.

What if I was involved in an accident with a vehicle I purchased from Carfax?


Car accidents happen frequently and are often caused by driver error. If you were involved in a collision with a vehicle purchased from Carfax and you think a defect in the car or truck played a role in causing it, it may benefit to consult with an El Paso, TX accident lawyer. If the defect was known at the time of sale but not included in the Carfax report, the dealership could be liable for your accident.

There might also be additional parties that share some of the blame. That is why it always benefits to speak with an experienced accident attorney in El Paso, TX following a collision. Not only can they assess the damage and what you might be owed, but also determine which parties are liable for compensating you.

If you were recently involved in a car accident in El Paso, TX, contact Cooper Law Firm to find out if you have a case and how much it is worth.


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