Orlando, FL—In order to register a Florida Profit Corporation, an individual or even business partners will need to follow certain steps in order to successfully do this. Before an individual begins with the registration process, it is highly recommended that they check their business name to ensure it is available for use. To do this, the business owner can search the name they intend on using to distinguish their business from others.

In the event the business name is already registered, the business owner will need to modify their name as it must be unique. If the search results show “INACT/UA”, it means the business name was “administratively dissolved or revoked” and shall be held for one year after the date this occurred. Business names that were voluntarily dissolved and marked with “INACT/UA” shall be held for 120 days. Once these periods end, the name shall then become available for use, according to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.

Important: If the business name is too similar to another that is already registered, the Division of Corporations may not allow the business owner to use it. For example, the agency would not consider Business Enterprises, Inc. and Business Enterprises, LLC as being different. Therefore, if Business Enterprises, Inc. was already registered and a business owner was looking to use the same name but changing the suffix to LLC, it would not be permitted.


After a Distinguishable Business Name Has Been Chosen


After a business owner has chosen an available name, they can then begin the process to get their Florida Profit Corporation registered. They can start by filing the Articles of Incorporation for Florida Profit Corporations. Business owners should be aware that once they file their Articles of Incorporation, the information cannot be modified or canceled.

The current filing fee for the Articles of Incorporation for Florida Profit Corporations is $70 and additional fees are required to receive a copy of the document. After the Articles of Incorporation has been issued, the business owner can then decide if they want to register a fictitious name.


How can an Orlando, FL business law attorney help?


Not only is it a good idea for a new business owner to contact an Orlando, FL business law attorney before jumping into a new business, but the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations also recommends it. Orlando Business law lawyers can review paperwork and ensure the business owner is following all their state’s laws as they prepare to launch their business. This can help prevent costly mistakes from being made.

In addition, a business law lawyer is also going to take the time to walk the business owner through any additional steps they must take to ensure their business is properly registered with the state and any other agencies they are required to register with. To connect with a business law attorney in Orlando to discuss questions and concerns regarding starting and/or registering a new business, individuals can contact Legal Counsel P.A. at 407-395-2653.

The attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. are qualified to help with various types of business-related legal matters and are offering initial consultations now.


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