As health experts learn more about COVID-19, they are able to identify measures that can be taken to help reduce the chances of the virus spreading. One of the recommendations that have been made and put into practice in various states is social distancing. Because coronavirus can be contracted when a person comes in close contact with another, health officials warn that you keep a safe distance from people and isolate yourself if you are sick.

Unfortunately, this practice is somewhat difficult to follow when you are locked up behind bars and have no control over where you go or who you are forced to be next to. Because officials have recognized this to be a serious issue for inmates and jail staffers, drastic measures are being taken to help curb the spread of coronavirus and contain any cases that may show up in a jail.


Jails Decide to Release Hundreds of Inmates


As you may already be aware, there are several jails located all across the country that are overcrowded. With limited room to house inmates and isolate those that become sick, the decision was made to release or move inmates who are the most vulnerable, which includes those that are elderly and chronically ill [Source: USA Today]. So far, officials in Cleveland have moved 700 prisoners out of the Cuyahoga County Jail while in Nashville, up to 300 people have been released.

According to Sheriff Daron Hall, who is the National Sheriffs’ Association president, the ultimate goal of freeing or relocating inmates is “to reduce the risk both to prisoners and officers, while freeing up necessary space to quarantine other inmates who may become infected.” Now, despite the large number of inmates who have already been released or moved, several conservative groups have come forward and are urging the President to “issue an executive order, allowing the elderly and non-violent offenders who have served two-thirds of their sentences to complete their terms at home.”

So far, the Trump administration has not taken any action on the request.


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