Is your disaster supply kit assembled and ready?
North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper, has declared a state of emergency as the days grow closer to Hurricane Florence making landfall on the state’s coast. According to The Washington Post, computer models are predicting that the storm will make landfall between northern South Carolina and the North Carolina Outer Banks, “although shifts in the track are still possible and storm impacts will expand great distances beyond where landfall occurs.” The news outlet also highlighted that the hurricane could even “slow or stall out over the Mid-Atlantic later this week, which could lead to a disastrous amount of rain.”
While many hurricanes in the past that followed the same track as Hurricane Florence managed to dodge the U.S., the chances of Florence doing the same are rather slim. And if the hurricane does hit NC as a Category 4, “it will be the strongest storm to come ashore that far north on record.” In the past, it was common for hurricanes to strike states like Florida, although it appears mother nature is now becoming more unpredictable.
Now, because Hurricane Florence is projected to strike North Carolina sometime on Friday, it is important you begin preparing for the storm now. And you can start by assembling your disaster supply kit.

What should I have in my disaster supply kit?

According to The Washington Post, you should have the following:

  1. One gallon of water per day for at least three days for each person in your household. You will also want to get some additional water for your pets if you have any. As you know, some hurricanes in the past have left residents without essential supplies for more than three days following the storm so you may consider having more on hand.
  2. A three-day supply of non-perishable foods. This might include canned goods, fruit cups, cereal bars, and trail mix, says the news outlet. And if you are purchasing canned goods, which is recommended, be sure you have a non-electric can opener on hand as well.
  3. A blanket and pillow for the night. While we can only hope that our homes stay warm and dry during a hurricane, flooding is common, especially if you live nearby to the water. So, it is best to store a blanket and pillow in a dry place for each person in your household so you have it when you need it.
  4. Pack a change of clothes. Inside your kit you will want “at least one complete change of clothes, sturdy footwear, and rain gear” for each person in your household. You never know whether the hurricane might displace you and your family so you will want to be sure you have another pair of clothes in the event you need them.
  5. Your disaster supply kit should also have tools, flashlights, and a weather radio. Some tools you might consider putting into your kit are a wrench and pliers in the event you need to “turn off any valves.”
  6. Emergency cash, important documents, and first-aid supplies. If you’ve ever been through a hurricane then you know these types of storms have the tendency to cause power outages which means ATM’s, banks, and other businesses won’t be operating or able to accept credit cards. That means the only way you will be able to purchase anything once the storm passes is with cash.
  7. Don’t forget personal hygiene and health items. This might include a toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes, prescription medication, and any other toiletries you might need to maintain cleanliness in the event you cannot shower.
  8. Entertainment for kids. While you might be concerned with the storm, your child might grow tiresome of just sitting around. So, to help keep them occupied, pack some of their favorite toys or activities so they have something to do.

A NC insurance claims attorney can help you file a property damage claim after a natural disaster strikes and can also help reduce the chances of having your claim denied.
After you have gathered all of the necessary items that belong in your disaster supply kit, it is best you store it in a safe, dry place until you need it. While we can only hope that the hurricanes currently brewing in the Atlantic won’t cause as much damage as others have in the past, unfortunately, the strong winds along with the torrential rain these storms tend to bring often cause damage to homes that range from minor to severe. And if your home happens to be one of those that does, we recommend you contact one of our North Carolina insurance claims lawyers to help you with the claims process.
The fact is, a hurricane, especially one that is projected to be as strong as Hurricane Florence is, can cause significant damage to many homes which means insurers will be receiving numerous claims. And if you want to be reimbursed so that you can begin making the necessary repairs in a timely manner rather than having to wait, it is best you have a NC insurance lawyer on board assisting you.

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