Here’s what the homeowner’s who currently live there need to know.
While the East Coast of the U.S. has been spared so far this Hurricane Season, another part of the U.S. that is hardly ever threatened by hurricanes is expected to take a hard hit from Hurricane Lane. If you haven’t checked in with your local news sources lately, many are reporting on the slow churning Hurricane Lane, which is coasting by the islands of Hawaii, sitting about 200 miles out but already causing major flooding and destruction in the place many refer to as “paradise.”
ABC News reported that Big Island has already seen over 31 inches of rain and has posted video footage of flooded roadways, businesses, and even vehicles sitting deep under water. While many have taken the necessary measures to protect themselves and their homes by purchasing hurricane supplies and boarding up their windows, some who have never been through a hurricane aren’t sure what to do.
The news outlet stated that there are approximately 300 tourists in Hawaii, many of which who were ready to cut their vacation short just so they could avoid the destruction most hurricanes bring. Unfortunately, not all were able to leave in time so some likely had to remain where they were staying or check in to an open shelter. The source stated that Hurricane Lane is “expected to remain a hurricane for the next 12 to 24 hours but increasing wind shear could weaken the storm more quickly over the next two to three days.”
With homes and other personal property expected to sustain severe damage, it is important for homeowner’s who currently reside somewhere on the cluster of islands to be aware of a few facts relating to insurance. After all, your insurer is likely who you will turn to when the storm has finally passed, and it is time to get things repaired.

Important Facts Pertaining to Hawaii Hurricane Insurance

Did you know that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage?

  • The Insurance Information Institute states that standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically don’t cover flood damage. This is usually an additional type of coverage you must add on to your standard policy.
  • Flood insurance is covered by the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • The III says that “most homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for almost all standard perils (e.g., fire, explosion) and liability but exclude hurricanes. The trigger for what constitutes a hurricane varies from insurer to insurer, and may depend on variables such as where, and whether, the hurricane makes landfall as well as declarations made by the National Weather Service.”

Now, if you have adequate insurance coverage and your policy will, in fact, cover the repairs for the damage Hurricane Lane or any other type of natural disaster causes, you shouldn’t have trouble getting your claim paid. However, because so many people are impacted by these storms, you may find your claim is delayed in being processed. And this is why it might benefit you to hire an insurance claims attorney in Hawaii after a hurricane hits. The fact is, while you may be sympathetic to the fact that other individuals’ homes have been damaged or destroyed, you need yours repaired so that you and your family have a safe and sturdy place to live.
With that being said, if your home sustained any type of damage as a result of Hurricane Lane or any other storm, you can increase your chances of getting your claim filed and paid in a timely manner as opposed to having to wait. In the event you find that your insurer isn’t handling your claim properly or fairly, which sometimes does happen during these frantic times, then you definitely want to get a HI insurance claims lawyer on board, helping you resolve the issue. works closely with some of the most reliable and dedicated insurance claims attorneys in Hawaii and will gladly help you get connected with a professional in your area so that you can receive the assistance you need.

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