To change your last name after a divorce, or to not change your last name after a divorce, that is one question many women have after their marriage has ended.
Aside from dealing with the separation, the child custody battles, signing child support paperwork, and accepting the fact that you are now legally divorced, another thing many women often find themselves dealing with is the dilemma of having to decide whether they should change their last name. The fact is, a large percentage of women who marry choose to take on their husband’s last name and drop theirs. But, those who find that their relationship didn’t work out are eager to decide whether they should pick their maiden name back up or just leave it alone as if it didn’t belong to them.
The reality is, it all depends on your own personal circumstances. So, in an effort to help you decide, below we are sharing a few examples from Forbes of what other women did when they divorced in terms of keeping their name or changing it back to the one they were given at birth.

  1. Kept her married name for her career. One woman told the source that at the time she divorced, her career as an author had just been picking up. And because she still hadn’t changed her name, her fans, and potential fans, knew her by her married name. Rather than risk losing the “momentum” she worked hard to achieve, she decided to keep her married name. However, she did tweak it a bit and instead of pronouncing it as an American name, she began pronouncing in an Italian way.


  1. Kept her married name as she preferred it. Unlike the first woman, this next one decided that she favored her married name over her maiden name. She told Forbes that she had “no emotional attachment to her maiden name” because it was her father’s, and he left her when she was eight years old.


  1. Kept her married name for the sake of the children. Another woman shared her input and said she decided to stick with her married name because “she wanted to have the same last name as her children.” She said that she didn’t want “their friends or their school to be confused.”


  1. Changed her name back to her maiden because of family pride. While the three first women chose to keep their married name, this next one said she chose to take on her maiden name for many reasons, including family pride. She told the source that her birth name came from her grandfather who was “an immigrant who came to the U.S. from Jamaica as a young man.” She said that he “had strong values and was a brave man.”

While all these women had their own reasoning behind why they either chose to keep the last name they acquired when they married or drop it and take back on their birth name, you have to determine the reasons for why you want to keep it or drop it. And if you decide you do want to change your last name, you can click here to review the instructions the Florida Courts require you to follow when filing a petition for a name change.
In the event you would like assistance with getting your name changed in Florida or have other legal questions pertaining to your divorce, don’t hesitate to contact a Naples, FL family law attorney. The lawyers at Long & Alguadich, PLLC are more than happy to address any questions or concerns you might have and can help with you with any family-related issue, no matter how big or small it might be.
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