Being charged with DUI in the state of Alabama is going to present many different challenges. DUI charges aren’t taken lightly and many individuals face jail time even if it is their first time committing the crime. But, if you were recently arrested for DUI and the judge found you guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it is your second offense, you are more or less looking at the following charges:
Most DUI offenders are faced with time in jail unless they can hire a reputable and aggressive Alabama DUI defense attorney to help avoid this penalty.


Every offender’s case varies as each crime is different. Some DUI charges arise because a person was the cause of a drunk driving accident while others may have been traveling with a minor in the car at the time of their DUI arrest. But, the minimum time you can expect to spend in jail is either 48 consecutive hours, up to one year, or not less than 20 days of community service. While it would be ideal to serve the 20 days of community service, not many are lucky enough to receive that penalty. But, if you want to increase your chances of being relieved of having to spend time behind bars and complete community service, you need to hire a local Birmingham, Alabama DUI attorney now.
Alabama DUI defense lawyers featured on are well versed in this particular field and can help get you the outcome you are seeking, even if it is your second time committing the same crime.


One thing you are never going to avoid are the fees and fines that are associated with committing a crime. There are court fees and those that simply come as a penalty. As a second-time DUI offender, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $5,000 plus an additional $100 fine assessed for the Impaired Drivers Trust Fund according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. And don’t forget about the fees for being placed in jail. In many cases, an individual is actually charged for being put in jail and this is a debt that must also be satisfied.

Driver’s License Revocation

Since you weren’t able to operate your vehicle under the state laws that have been set in Alabama, the courts are going to take away your license for a period of one year, and that is the minimum time you are looking at. Remember, your penalties can increase in severity if your DUI resulted in a collision and/or you brought upon injuries to someone.

Need a Local DUI Defense Attorney in Birmingham to Represent You?

Whether your criminal record is flawless or you have several different charges listed on it, the fact is, getting charged and convicted of DUI is going to have a serious effect on many different aspects of your life. You might lose out on opportunities you once took for granted or you may be placed in jail and lose precious time that could be spent with your family. So, if you need legal assistance or are looking for representation, contact USAttorneys now and let them find you the perfect DUI lawyer in Birmingham, AL today.

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