We know that riding bikes on the road comes with a risk, but that doesn’t mean other drivers are allowed to completely disregard bicycles and put people’s lives in danger. Bicycles have to follow the same rules as everyone else on the road, but other drivers must yield to cyclists and respect their space. 


If you’ve been hit by a truck while on your bike, you can first consider yourself lucky to be alive. There are about forty-five thousand reported bike accidents a year, and about a thousand people a year die on their bikes. The fatality rate goes up when these accidents involve motor vehicles. Because of the sheer size and weight of trucks, being hit by one can result in much more severe injuries. 


If you were hit by a truck on your bike in Utah, you may be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with Truman & Radford, Injury Attorneys today. Truman & Radford are seasoned, trusted personal injury attorneys in Utah who know how to get results in road accident cases. 


What are the laws for bicycle accidents? 


In the state of Utah, road accidents are subject to what’s known as “comparative negligence” or “comparative fault.” This means that the fault of an accident can be distributed between multiple parties involved – depending on how negligent each party was. Fault is not always distributed evenly, but sometimes it can be. Sometimes fault may be split up in a 50/50 manner, and other times it may be 90/10, or 60/40. If you are considered 40% at fault for an accident and have $10,000 in damages, this means you would only be entitled to $6,000 in compensation. 


To determine fault, the courts or insurance companies will have to look at which, if any, laws were broken by either party. If the truck that hit you blatantly ran a red light before the collision, then they may be considered to be 100% at fault. 


Cyclists have to follow a few key rules to be considered law-abiding. All bicyclists must:


  • Have at least one hand on their handlebars all the time. 
  • Not be holding packages, bags, or other objects that prevent them from having both hands on the bars.
  • Only be carrying the number of people that the bike is designed for
  • Have properly functioning, reasonably maintained brakes, capable of stopping the bike within 25 feet while traveling at 10 miles an hour.
  • Give proper turn signals, unless that arm is necessary for the turn. 


Were you hit by a truck while following all of these rules? 


If so, connect with Truman & Radford today. They can tell you whether or not you have a case. 

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