Stabbings can result in horrific injuries. If you’ve been stabbed and are reading this right now, you can consider yourself very lucky for surviving this heinous crime. Depending on where the blade enters the body, a stabbing can kill someone very quickly. 


A jab to the jugular can kill someone in seconds, and if they survive, they could be forced to undergo weeks of therapy to recover as they try to regain their nerves, their movement, and sometimes speech or cognitive ability. 


If you’ve been stabbed recently, you may be entitled to compensation after filing a lawsuit. Get in touch with the Law Office of Brian K Branch right away. Branch’s firm is a group of experienced, seasoned personal injury attorneys helping clients in New Mexico for over three decades. Let them know what happened and they can tell you if you have a case or not. 


What are the laws on stabbing? 


When someone stabs another person, this is considered assault with a deadly weapon, and they may be charged with aggravated assault, or potentially attempted murder. The only time a stabbing may not be considered as a crime is in the case of self-defense, but this can be hard to argue. 


If the person who was stabbed was actively trying to harm or kill the person who stabbed them, then that person may not have grounds for a lawsuit. 


Under New Mexico statute UJI 14-5190, “A person who is threatened with an attack need not retreat. In the exercise of his right of self-defense, he may stand his ground and defend himself.” This is more commonly known as the “stand your ground” rule. Basically if someone has instigated a conflict with you, you may respond in an equal way. 


Obviously, this can be subjective, which is where lawsuits can become tricky, and an experienced lawyer is necessary. For instance, if someone shoves you in a bar, you aren’t allowed to stab him 47 times in the gut. However, if someone pulls a gun on you in the bar and threatens to kill you, then a stabbing may be warranted. 


New Mexico statute UJI 14-5180 also allows for the same sort of self-defense in the regard to defending your property. Someone who breaks into another person’s home in the middle of the night can usually be stabbed without the protection of any laws. 


Are you looking for compensation after being stabbed? 


You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, punitive damages, disfigurement, or other damages. Contact the Law Office of Brian K Branch today to begin the process of getting justice. 

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