An ice cream truck driver in Virginia Beach is now facing a DWI charge along with a hit-and-run charge after she allegedly caused an accident and fled the scene [Source: 13 News Now]. The ice cream truck driver, who has been identified as 35-year-old Ellaine Durham, was traveling westbound in the 1100 block of Sandbridge Road when she struck another vehicle that had been carrying three people inside. Those three people had to be taken to a local hospital to receive treatment for their non-life threatening injuries.
Virginia Beach Police stated that they located Durham a short distance away from the accident scene where she was arrested. After being detained, Durham was then charged with DWI as well as three counts of felony hit and run.

Tire Blows Out on Tanker Truck, Another Vehicle Hits the Debris

Another truck driver is facing a charge after a tire blew on the tanker truck he was operating. According to WTVR, 62-year-old Lloyd Beale Bradley Sr. had been traveling northbound on Interstate 95 in Henrico, VA when his tire blew out and he crashed as a result. The incident occurred around 10:44 a.m. near mile marker 82. After the tire blew, a sedan that was also traveling northbound, struck the debris from the blown tire causing that driver to overcorrect. As a result, the motorist lost control of the sedan and the vehicle then came to a rest facing the opposite direction in the northbound lanes.
Officials reported that no one sustained any injuries as a result of the incident and there was no spillage from the tanker truck. Police did, however, charge Bradley with defective equipment.
Roadway debris, such as pieces of tires and other materials that may have fallen off a truck can be rather hazardous to all the other drivers on the roadway, especially motorists who are traveling at a fast rate of speed. Roadway debris can cause damage to a vehicle, and sometimes, even pierce the windshield of a car which could fatally injure a driver. Between 2012 and 2015, 200,000 crashes occurred nationally because of debris that had fallen into the road or was left there [Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety]. Between 2011 and 2014, roadway debris left to 39,000 people injured and more than 500 people dead.
If you were involved in an accident caused by debris that came from a truck or fell off of one, contact a VA truck wreck attorney who can help you determine who can be held accountable for your accident.
Now, if your vehicle has sustained damage because of debris in the road that either fell from a truck or you sustained an injury as the debris caused you to engage in an accident in VA, you may be able to recover compensation that will pay for your vehicle’s repairs and your medical bills. To be sure you are properly compensated and that the right parties are held accountable for the accident, it is best that you let a truck accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA assist with getting your claim filed.
Sometimes, it can be stressful for a victim to have to go back and forth with their insurance company or the party they are attempting to hold accountable as they aren’t always willing to cover the claim or accept the blame. That is why it is in your best interest to allow one of our VA truck collision lawyers to assist with this while you take care of yourself. If you would like to be connected with a local Virginia Beach, VA truck accident lawyer now so that you can begin receiving the assistance that you need, call today.

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