Business owners across the country are facing an uphill battle with their insurance companies as most are denying their business interruption claims. After the government began ordering non-essential businesses to close in Idaho, many business owners turned to their insurers for financial relief as most saw an immediate dip in revenue. Assuming their insurer would cover their losses, business owners went ahead and filed what is called a business interruption claim.

Unfortunately, business owners like Ted Challenger learned that the insurance policy they had been paying for month after month wasn’t going to cover their losses. Challenger, who owns three bars in downtown Boise, told KTVB7 that after he filed his claim with his insurer, he was told that because he had to close as a result of coronavirus, the company wasn’t going to cover his claim. After explaining to his insurer that he had to close because of a “civic action” and not coronavirus, Challenger said his insurance agent again expressed that the company was not going to cover his losses.

After going back and his forth with his insurer and seeing that no progress was being made, Challenger contacted his Idaho insurance claims attorney. Although Challenger has yet to get his claim approved, he told the news sources that “he hopes that state legislators will rethink what people accept for insurance policies and urges others to lobby to make insurance fairer. He also hopes Congress will see what is happening to small businesses and step in.”

Challenger also shared that he spends more than $30,000 a month on insurance for his three small businesses.

A business owner in Idaho is also going through a similar experience as Challenger. Kristina Anderson, owner of Oak Barrel of Eagle, said that her insurance company denied her business interruption insurance claim. Anderson shared with the news source that she pays a lot of money for business insurance and that “something like this should be a covered occurrence.” While many business owners in Idaho are outraged to learn that their insurer won’t be covering their claims, Dean Cameron, director of the Idaho Department of Insurance, did state that there has been some talk about getting insurers to cover business losses regardless of exclusions but that doing so could cause some smaller insurers to go bankrupt.


Did your insurer deny your business interruption claim?


If your insurance carrier denied your business interruption claim yet you believe your COVID-19 losses should be covered, you can always contact an Idaho insurance claims denial attorney for legal advice. can help you locate an insurance attorney now in Idaho who is qualified to determine whether your insurer is mishandling your claim.

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