The legal process that follows a truck collision in Idaho is often very complicated and it generally involves more than just two parties. After getting into a collision with a truck, a person should call a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to begin the legal process. Contacting a lawyer even before contacting one’s insurance company is integral because a lawyer can help communicate with the insurer and make sure a person is given a fair settlement.

Before a settlement is agreed upon, there are a few important steps that need to be taken care of. First, a person needs to make sure all the injuries are looked at and treated by medical professionals. Since trucks are so large, they often cause very serious-and possibly even life-threatening injuries.

The bigger the truck is, the greater the risk is of developing serious injuries. Collisions involving 18-wheelers are often the most catastrophic both in the amount of damage they cause and the severity of the resulted injuries for all the victims. These injuries can be very expensive to treat, and all records and medical bills should be kept safe for future reference.

Even if a person feels like they weren’t injured in the accident they should still get checked by a doctor because the injury may become apparent after a few days of the initial trauma the body suffered. Paralysis, permanent disability, and even fatalities are not uncommon after a truck accident.

What do I do after treating my injuries caused by a truck accident?

Once the injuries are taken care of, individuals can move on to filing a police report, collecting evidence and contacting all the parties who were involved in the collision in one way or the other. From the outside, it may seem like the fault goes to the truck driver but there are many others behind the scenes who can be held accountable to pay the damages. The trucking company and truck maintenance company are examples of parties who may be negligent.

Once an attorney helps a person determine who is accountable for the collision, they can communicate with the party and see if they agree to a settlement. If they fail to agree to a settlement, then they can be brought in front of a judge through litigation and forced to pay a fair amount based on how much of the accident was their fault. The judge will grant a person compensation if they can prove the other party acted negligently and their negligence resulted in a financial loss on their part.

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