If a business in Florida is sued for trademark infringement, do they have to stop using the logo?

Harbor Shores, FL—When a trademark infringement lawsuit is filed, the party filing is not limited to only requesting damages (i.e. monetary relief) from the infringing party, but they can also ask the court to issue an order that prohibits the business from using their trademark going forward. If a business is looking to file a trademark infringement lawsuit in Harbor Shores, FL, or a neighboring city, the trademark attorneys at Legal Counsel P.A. are more than qualified to help.


General Motors Sues Ford Motor for Trademark Infringement


When a company infringes on another business’s trademark rights, they are sometimes left with no choice but to turn to the legal system for help. According to Reuters, General Motors Co. and its Cruise robo-taxi subsidiary filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. asking that the company be no longer permitted to use the name “BlueCruise” when marketing its hands-free driving technology.

General Motors Co. is alleging that Ford used the name BlueCruise even though it “[infringes] on GM’s Super Cruise trademark, as well as Cruise’s trademark.” In addition to requesting that Ford no longer be permitted to use the BlueCruise name, GM is also seeking an “unspecified” amount in damages.


Ford Responds to Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Filed by GM


According to the source, Ford responded to GM’s lawsuit by calling it “meritless and frivolous.” Perhaps that is why the company did not care to resolve the matter when it was approached by GM. The source says GM had hopes of settling the matter “amicably,” but that Ford left the company “with no choice but to vigorously defend our brands and protect the equity our products and technology have earned over several years in the market.”

GM justified filing a trademark infringement lawsuit alleging that Ford was aware of what it was doing and that its “decision to rebrand by using a core mark used by GM and Cruise will inevitably cause confusion.”


Filing a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit in Florida


Trademarks are used to distinguish businesses from one another and help build brand awareness. When a company uses another business’s logo or phrase or one that is similar to it, it can deter consumers away from purchasing from the company that holds the trademark rights.

When this happens, a business owner is entitled to file a trademark infringement lawsuit. If an individual believes their business’s trademark is being used illegally, they can contact Legal Counsel P.A. to discuss with a skilled Harbor Shores, FL trademark lawyer what their next steps should be.


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