Will the Deportation of Migrant Workers Raise Our Agriculture Costs?

The new year has arrived, Donald Trump has been elected as the U.S. president, and we are now awaiting the day for him step in the shoes of the leader of our country to determine what changes are going to come into effect. We have heard time and time again that Trump plans to send back millions of immigrants to their home country, but many are still concerned on how this action will affect the U.S.

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Many migrant farm workers are undocumented and risk being sent back to their home county once Trump takes office.

Now, if you weren’t aware, many of the farm workers currently employed are undocumented immigrants, and if Trump does choose to carry out his plan to deport all these migrant workers, the U.S. could be facing more than just jobs to fill. According to lebanondemocrat.com, many of the migrant farm workers in Tennessee play a major role in the agricultural industry. Although the American Farm Bureau Federation is looking to implement a visa program that would allow these workers to obtain residency, they wouldn’t be provided with citizenship.

Although these migrant farm workers do in fact contribute to production and the ability to keep our costs lower for meats and fruits, if they are deported, things may take a turn for the worst. While Trump and many of his supporters agree that undocumented immigrants are taking Americans’ jobs, the issue stands at this: Who is going to take the place of these migrant workers once they are sent back to their country? Because many of them aren’t documented, they are receiving close to 10.80 an hour, and even less for many of these immigrants without papers. Who is going to want to perform the sort of labor involved in farming for such a low hourly rate?

Steve Suppan, who is a senior policy analyst at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, brought up a hypothetical scenario involving increasing the hourly wages to $15.00 so that Americans could afford to work in the farming industry. The trouble he found with this was that the pricing structure of agriculture would then be affected. Some farmers have even noted that “Trump’s plan would lead to higher prices for fruits, veggies, dairy, and meat.”

Of course it is still unknown what is to come with Trump taking office, however, it is important the pros and cons are weighed in all the decisions he presents.

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