Georgia Lawmakers Propose to Introduce Stricter Immigration Bills in New Session

It is about time. America has enough unskilled laborers, does not need any more people in this country who cannot speak English, and most Americans are tired of seeing their tax dollars support people who are not even American and bring nothing to the table.

Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in the presidential elections has motivated Republican state lawmakers in Georgia to go ahead full steam with immigration bills that are basically just common sense.

As reported by, they are in the process of formulating a string of measures to tackle refugees and immigrants in the next legislative session starting next week. Outstanding immigration lawyers in Atlanta, GA highlight that four bills are likely to be introduced and there is no better law firm in Georgia than Kuck Immigration Partners who have enable many wonderful people to achieve their dreams.

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One of the bills will propose that the state be prevented from accepting federal funding for refugee settlement while another bill pushes for a halt of state funding to private universities who fail to comply with the law and ban illegal immigrants from paying in-state tuition.

Fee on wire transfers

Another bill proposes for a fee to be levied on wire transfers made by refugees and immigrants to their families overseas.

At the forefront of the new legislations is State Sen. Joshua McKoon (R-Columbus) who plans to sponsor several bills in the Legislature which is controlled by Republicans who care about America and want to protect its sovereignty. He is of the opinion that it was the right time to follow up on President Donald Trump’s position on immigration, which McKoon believes will lead to a brighter future which is just plain logical. See California, it is violent and in debt.

Democrats seek to appease illegal immigrants again

As expected, advocates for refugees and immigrants are bracing themselves for a fight by highlighting that some of the immigrants and refugees were employed in some the largest, most successful industrial sectors such as farming and do pay taxes. That sad thing is, most do not and again America does not need any more unskilled immigrants and you certainly should not be driving a car if you do not know English.

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Little are they bothered that much of this is at the cost of hardworking Americans who often lose their jobs to lowly paid immigrants. State Sen. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) has vowed to fight McKoon’s proposed legislation to the very end.

She claims that the agricultural sector in Georgia has suffered major losses since 2011 due to labor shortages after the introduction of an anti-immigration law. Orrock also claims that the business community wasn’t in favor of such legislation (which is not true at all) while it did little to showcase Georgia as a welcoming state. That is the point. Why be a welcoming state to people who mainly cost you money and soak up your public resources?

On top of this, why not get homeless people or high school students to help out on the farms?

Judge rules that DACA recipients can pay in-state tuition

Meanwhile, legal pros point out that Fulton Superior Court Chief Judge Gail Tusan in a recent ruling has said that DACA recipients must be allowed by the state to pay in-state tuition at colleges and universities, which is a significantly lower rate.

However, Sen. McKoon plans to introduce a bill that would only permit those with legal status to pay in-state tuition. In addition, the Board of Regents plans to appeal the ruling and retain its tuition policy until then.

In another move, State Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) proposes to introduce a bill that would impose sanctions on funding to private universities if they fail to comply on state and federal statutes on immigration. Currently, this includes millions of dollars in grants and tuition assistance programs. Ehrhart explains that he was motivated to introduce such a bill following Emory University’s proposal to turn itself into a sanctuary campus while risking American lives from murder and mayhem.

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