H1B Visa Bill Revised, Minimum Wage for Holders Now over Twice what it Was

It has not even been a couple of weeks since Donald Trump has come into office and he has already shown tremendous drive and purpose by acting quickly and passing executive orders with the best interest of America and Americans in mind. This is not something America is used to since the previous president was political correct and political correctness is anti-American.

This goes to show that Trump means business and that he is decisive and did not just say the things he said during his campaign in order to just win the election, but actually meant it.

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What Trump is doing is very consistent, he is not only protecting the American worker but propping them up. Trump is going to create more jobs and that has already begun to happen. The private sector will need to change their practices and cheating America will no longer be allowed. But Americans need to obtain the right degrees and should not be spending $100,000 on a philosophy degree. That is not what America needs; America needs tech and engineering degree holders. If you need legal help for anything regarding immigration, USAttorneys.com is where you need to go. Any questions? Contact us and we will get back to you.

As reported by MSN, most recently, the president put his signature on a bill or legislation which among other things seeks to increase the minimum pay for H1-B visa holders by more than twice of what it currently is. So what is the objective of this bill?

Well, stellar immigration lawyers, who can be pinpointed on the stellar USAttorneys.com website which saves lives on a daily bases which does something Google does not do by offering genuine legal pro for different legal topics in a concise manner for free as well for the user, say it will essentially make it very challenging for companies to hire or employ foreign workers because they will have to pay them a minimum of $130,000 and they will in this way be forced to choose American workers instead.

Currently, the minimum pay for H1-B employees is $60,000 and this figure was arrived at back in the year 1989 and has remained that way since (until now of course).

Master’s degree exemption will no longer be entertained

The legislation is the brain child of California Congressman Zoe Lefgren and is aptly titled The High Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 and apart from raising the minimum wage to more than double, it also complete eradicates the category of lowest pay.

Lefgren made a comment and said that the bill will serve to ensure that the H1-B program is used like how it was originally intended to be used – to find the brightest and best talent and skill from around the world who will help to create jobs here in America and not replace Americans like how it is mostly being used these days. Wow! Sounds logical right!

As part of the bill, the master’s degree exemption which some H1-B visa dependent workers use to employ immigrants who do not hold a master’s degree has also been abolished which means that a master’s degree is now certainly required to be eligible for a H1-B visa going forward.

The bill also has a clause which states for the revision of the minimum pay at any time without the requirement of future new legislation.

This legislation is a master stroke from President Trump. It will make sure that Americans are employed and that companies do not use this law to squeeze out Americans. In other words, it will prohibit employers from hiring foreign workers and exploiting them in order to save money.

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