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What are the best types of jobs to attain an employment based green card?

For those who were born in foreign countries and seeking to live in the United States and realize the American dream, the employment based visa route is arguably one of the most ideal, legal, and legitimate ways to acquire a green card and then move on to obtaining US citizenship say immigration lawyers who help hundreds of thousands of immigrants get work visas for the US every year.

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Having said that, it must be reiterated that the US government are well aware of the demand there is for a permanent residence or work visa to live and work in the US, and so they certainly do not let any and everyone work and live in the US.

The fact is that American citizens are given first preference and only when the job vacancy cannot be filled by a citizen then can a foreigner be hired in most general cases, point out immigration attorneys. Therefore, certain types of jobs and careers have an edge when it comes to being a basis on which a candidate can apply for a work visa or a green card.

The employment based preference categories

These categories are basically groups of jobs which are differentiated from each other depending on the level of education required in order to be able to carry out the roles, responsibilities, and duties of the job. To give you an idea, a computer programmer will need to have a bachelor degree in computer science at the least while a nuclear physicist will in all probability at least require a master’s degree in physics.

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Who qualifies under the first preference category?

First preference category is essentially only for those who possess “extraordinary ability”. Examples of persons who would qualify for first preference category could be a research scientists, multinational executives or managers, and so on. Visa attorneys have represented all types of people.

If you have a job or career which comes under this category then you also basically have a fast track route to an immigrant work visa and then a green card. The US, like any other country, needs such highly skilled and educated persons and therefore they make the immigration process for such talented individuals very simple and easy according to top immigration lawyers.

Second and third preference category

The first preference category as you can imagine is reserved for the cream of the crop. However, not all of us are research scientists. Therefore, to facilitate immigration for other types of workers there is also a second and third preference category. A second preference category is for those who hold advanced degrees such as a master’s degree or higher.

Third preference category is for positions which require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, there are a lot of people that qualify or apply for a work visa through this category and this means increased wait times.

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