Important facts to know about wage theft in Spring

Spring, TXWage theft is one of the most common causes of disputes between employees and their employers. Many American workers do not receive as much money from their employers as they should, and this problem adds up to millions of dollars in lost wages annually. Even when this is done by accident or mistake, it is still considered a form of wage theft and the worker is entitled to the full amount that is owed. Lawsuits for unpaid wages can also include other forms of damages such as interest on late wages if the employer does not correct the problem and issue proper payment within a reasonable time. 

There are attorneys who help workers with wage theft and other labor issues by providing advice and representation. 

Not paying overtime is illegal

Hourly workers who have worked more than forty hours in a week are entitled to overtime pay. While there are a few exceptions for independent contractors, salaried workers, and certain other employees, overtime is required for all other workers by law. The standard overtime rate is one and one half times the worker’s normal wages. However, some workers may be compensated at a higher rate if their employer wants to do so. A related point that is important is that an employer can technically make an employee work as many overtime hours as needed. There is no upper limit on total hours that is codified into law. 

Minimum wage laws apply to everyone

All workers need to be paid at least the minimum wage rate for all work performed. The state of Texas applies the federal minimum wage to workers, so there is not a higher state minimum wage in Texas as in some other states. 

Employers are not allowed to withhold or take tips away from workers

If an employee earns tips, the employer is not allowed to take them or make excuses that they must be put towards workplace expenses. When the worker’s tips average out to less than minimum wage, the employer must also compensate the person to make up the difference. 

Honest mistakes need to be corrected 

It is possible that a worker has not been paid properly due to errors in calculation, payroll problems, or computer software issues. Even in these situations where there was either a human error or payroll problem, the employer is still ultimately responsible for paying all workers correctly. 

Advice from employment lawyers in Spring

Moore and Associates is a firm that works with various employment law issues in Texas. Their attorneys are available to meet with anyone who needs more information about the process to bring a civil case for compensation. 

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