Important info about accident lawsuits in New Haven

New Haven, CT – Accidents are one of the most common reasons that people want to speak with lawyers in Connecticut and other states. Especially in the case of motor vehicle accidents, it is possible for people to sustain serious or even fatal injuries, and victims will need lots of time to recover and return to their normal life. In these situations, the person will also have large expenses that were suddenly created by the incident. Suing the business or person who caused the accident is the best way for the victim to try to receive sufficient compensation. The accident lawyer’s job is to represent the victim’s interests and attempt to get as much compensation as necessary.  

Different types of accident lawsuits

There can be some differences in accident lawsuits depending on factors such as whether a commercial vehicle such as a bus or truck was involved, a motorcyclist caused the crash, a pedestrian was injured, or any other variables. If the person was working for any business while involved in the crash, it is most likely that their employer will be named as the defendant and have to pay out the relevant losses. The accident attorney should have experience with this process of naming the proper party as a defendant and negotiating a settlement for compensation. 

The process to receive compensation after an accident

After the lawsuit is filed and served, the plaintiff in the case can use evidence to prove their losses caused by the accident such as medical bills, lost income, and any other healthcare costs that were due to the same incident. In addition to these specific losses, the victim’s attorney has the ability to argue for pain and suffering damages. This kind of compensation is related to lifestyle changes and limitations caused by the person’s condition following the accident. Things like physical pain, mental health issues, and the inability to function as the person did before the accident are often the most significant factors in arguing for non-economic compensation for pain and suffering. The plaintiff’s lawyers can present this information to the defendant and their insurance provider during settlement negotiations to try to conclude the case for a satisfactory amount. Although rare, it is possible that a full trial will be necessary in court if the parties cannot come to an agreement.  

Accident lawyers in Connecticut

McNamara and Goodman is a firm that handles all kinds of motor vehicle accident cases in the New Haven area. People who have questions about the process to receive compensation through a civil lawsuit can schedule a meeting with their attorneys.

USAttorneys.com is a service that is available to help anyone who needs assistance with their search for a lawyer at 800-672-3103. Licensed legal professionals are available in every city and state around the country.

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