His body was later discovered in a lake nearby to the accident scene.
Tippecanoe County police came across an abandoned vehicle early Saturday morning that appeared to have been involved in an accident and went off the road. To their surprise, there was no driver around nor was there any indication that someone had sustained an injury or was ejected from the vehicle. Deputies, unable to locate the driver, decided to contact Warren County police and have them contact the registered owner’s residence. After deputies spoke with family and scanned the accident scene, with failed attempts to track down the driver, they decided to wait until there was better lighting to remove the vehicle.
It wasn’t much later when deputies returned to the truck accident scene around 5:30 a.m. after receiving a call about a person who had been found in the water, according to Purdue Exponent. Tennis shoes were visible under the water’s surface and that is when police found 54-year-old Bryan Lee Johnson of Otterbein.
After evidence was reviewed, it was determined that the “driver had been involved in a slide-off collision with the drainage area and abandoned the vehicle.” Crash reconstructionists were called to the scene where they were able to determine that the driver fled the vehicle and police believe he did this in an attempt to avoid detection by law enforcement and emergency responders. The news source stated that Johnson is believed to have died from drowning and drugs and/or alcohol are suspected to be factors in the truck accident occurring. The Tippecanoe County coroner’s office did schedule an autopsy and toxicology screenings were still pending.

Semi-Truck Driver Blames a “Sneezing Fit” for Her Tanker Rolling Over on I-65 in Indiana

Semi-truck driver says her sneezing fit is what ultimately led to her tanker flipping over.
Another strange accident occurred Monday in northern Indiana involving a semi-truck. WDRBsaid 55-year-old Julie Duncan was traveling on Interstate 65 when she “had a sneezing fit while trying to talk to Siri, the digital assistant on her phone.” She told investigators that when she looked up, she was heading toward some construction barrels and had to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting them. As a result of the abrupt turn, the load she was carrying, which was identified as cleaning solution, shifted and her tanker rolled over.
Fortunately, Duncan did not sustain any injuries as a result of the accident but was cited for unsafe lane movement. The right lane of I-65 also had to be shut down for nearly eight hours as the cleaning solution had to be taken off the truck in order for it to be brought up-right.
Truck collisions occur for various reasons. Sometimes, they are caused by human error while other times, certain things such an inclement weather or roadway debris contribute to a crash transpiring. Either way, anytime someone is involved in a collision with a truck in Indiana, whether they are the driver or a motorist in another vehicle, it is a good idea to contact a Tippecanoe, IN truck accident lawyer who can explain the process you are going to want to follow in order for you collect compensation to cover any costs you may have incurred as a result of the accident.

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