As convenient as driving is, we can all agree that it can become rather frustrating at times. Between the motorists who drive 15 miles below the speed limit and the others who ride so close to the car in front of them, sometimes, driving can take a toll on our patience, and our nerves. However, never should you allow your frustrations to build to the point where you begin engaging in behavior that would be classified as road rage. That is when you put yourself and the others around you at risk and increase your chances of engaging in an auto accident.
Unfortunately, one Indiana driver may have allowed his/her anger toward a motorcyclist build up too high which led to them displaying road rage. Apparently, the driver of a brown SUV in Hobart, IN exchanged words with a motorcyclist at US. 6 and Ind. 51 before the two traveled west on 37thAve [Source: NWI Times].  The motorcyclist told police that he was traveling behind the SUV when “the driver abruptly stopped, causing him to hit the back” of it, also known as “brake checking.” When a driver “brake checks,” they aren’t exactly trying to see if their brakes work, rather, it is when a driver slams on their brakes to deter the driver behind them from riding so close to their vehicle.
After the motorcyclist hit the SUV, the driver continued on and was last seen heading west on 37thAve.
When police arrived at the scene, they found the motorcyclist and his bike lying in the westbound lane of 37thAve. near North Lake Park Ave. around 5:20 p.m. Paramedics were also called to the accident scene where they rendered treatment to the biker. Medics then transported the motorcyclist to an area hospital as his injuries required further treatment. Hobart police were asking that anyone who may have witnessed the accident or has any information pertaining to it contact them as soon as possible.

Is “brake checking” a form of road rage?

While most people associate road rage with an erratic driver who is swerving in and out of lanes simply because he/she can no longer stand sitting in traffic, that isn’t exactly the only type of behavior that would be classified as a form of road rage. In fact, “brake checking” would also be considered a form of road rage and many states recognize it as this simply because a driver is intentionally hitting their brakes which could, in turn, cause an accident that could harm the driver traveling behind them. In fact, the accident described above is a prime example of when “brake checking” goes wrong.
Now, while it is understandable for a driver to become annoyed when another driver is riding too closely behind them, never should you or anyone else “brake check.” Instead, maybe you might consider signaling to get over into another lane away from that driver so that you don’t have to deal with them tailgating you any longer.
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