Getting a flat tire while riding on the highway is a sure way to put a damper on your day. Not only can a flat tire cause stress, but it can also put a driver and their passengers in danger. CBS 4 reported back in July that a driver of an SUV got a flat tire during the early morning hours while traveling on I-70 in Indianapolis and was required to pull her vehicle over. She stopped off in the emergency pull-off lane near the ramp that leads to Ronald Reagan Parkway and the airport.
Like most people would do in a situation like this, the woman, who has been identified as Laura Moreno Bravo, remained inside her vehicle while she waited for a family member to arrive and help her replace her flat tire. While she waited, a 69-year-old driver in a black pickup truck came off WB I-70 and struck her vehicle on the driver’s side. When officials arrived, they pronounced her dead at the scene.
Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine told the news source that “her car was struck by a truck traveling at highway speeds and she was killed instantly.” However, police were not clear why the pickup driver veered into the lane where the victim’s car was parked. Perrine also said that he has preached for years about highway safety as troopers have also had their vehicles hit while pulled over as well. But, the deadly crashes like the one responsible for taking Moreno’s life are avoidable, says Perrine.
Because flat tires are common among all types of drivers, here are a few things for you to take into consideration in the event you are faced with these unfortunate circumstances or ever encounter a driver who is pulled over with a flat tire.

  1. Be courteous. If you see someone who is broken down on the highway, treat them like an emergency vehicle and move over.
  2. Be sure you are pulled off the roadway as far as possible and put your emergency blinkers on.
  3. While some choose to stay inside their vehicle, others get out while they wait for help. If you do decide to get out of your vehicle, remember to steer clear of traffic and stand far away from the roadway as possible.
  4. If you have to change the tire, do so with caution or call for roadside assistance if you feel it isn’t safe to change it on your own.
  5. Call 911 to “to get police to respond to the scene” as they can “potentially make it safer.”
  6. If possible, drive your vehicle to the next exit so that you are off the highway and away from traffic that is traveling at a high rate of speed.

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Although we cannot always avoid a flat tire, when we get one, it is vital that we handle the situation with caution as other drivers aren’t always considerate to those who are pulled off the roadway. And if you have been involved in a wreck in Hammond, IN because of a flat tire or for other reasons, contact the accident attorneys at Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC. This team of skilled accident lawyers in Hammond, IN can help you recover the compensation you will need for medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and much more.
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