Houston, TX – In most cases, when someone visits a doctor or has to go to the hospital, their medical problems will be treated without issue and they can resume their normal lives. However, there are some situations where doctors, nurses, or hospital administrators can make mistakes. Errors such as giving a person the wrong medication, mistakes during surgery, or confusing a treatment that was meant for a different patient can result in serious injuries or additional health problems. When someone is hurt in this manner, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is the best option to receive payments to cover additional medical treatments and costs. 

How often does medical malpractice happen? 

In the United States, medical errors and mistakes that result in legal action happen between about 15,000 and 19,000 times each year. Data from the Medical Malpractice Center has also shown that up to 100,000 people each year may pass away from medical misdiagnosis and other issues in hospitals that could have been prevented. The same research has found that most doctors will defend themselves against at least one malpractice case during their careers, and this realization causes additional stress on healthcare professionals. 

Note that these statistics only include procedures that resulted in identifiable harm, and not merely dissatisfaction with the results of a surgical procedure or course of treatment. There are also a number of victims who do not receive any compensation at all due to issues such as missing the statute of limitations, or not being able to prove a concrete injury directly caused by a doctor’s actions. 

The process of bringing a civil case

Most civil cases in the American legal system follow a similar pattern, and negligence lawsuits are very common. A doctor is held to a certain professional standard, which is called a duty of care in negligence cases. Whenever anyone violates a relevant standard of care and hurts another person, they can be sued and forced to pay for all of the injuries that they caused. These damages may include not only the costs of more healthcare related procedures to fix any errors, but things like missed time from work, and emotional trauma. Legal professionals who have experience suing doctors and hospitals often dedicate their entire careers to these kinds of issues, in order to gain expertise helping clients who have similar problems. 

Getting advice from a medical malpractice attorney in Texas

Whenever anyone has been harmed by a medical professional, they should get independent advice from their own attorney who is not associated with their doctor or hospital. Blizzard Law is a firm in the Houston area that focuses on various kinds of medical malpractice cases. 

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