Injured workers seek damage compensation for oil field accidents in Texas.

Texas – March 5, 2022

Texas is considered the top crude oil and natural gas producing state in the nation. In 2020, Texas accounted for 43% of the nation’s crude oil production and 26% of its marketed natural gas production. The 31 petroleum refineries in Texas can process almost 5.9 million barrels of crude oil per calendar day, which was 31% of the nation’s refining capacity as of January 2020. While oil refineries and chemical plants in Texas provide for many employment opportunities, the industry is riddled with on-the-job dangers from heavy equipment and toxic exposure.  It is prudent for accident victims to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas when an oil field accident causes lasting harms to a person’s future livelihood and security.

Common types of oil field accidents may be caused by:

  • Gas leaks leading to fires and explosions,
  • Heavy equipment and pipe failures,
  • Blowouts in drilling,
  • Slips and falls,
  • Falling objects,
  • Toxic chemical exposures,
  • Oil truck accidents,
  • Deviation from authorized work procedures and safety operations.

Exhaustion and safety protocols.

Because of the crew demands working long shifts without proper rest, workers’ exhaustion may cause errors in judgment operating dangerous equipment and increase the potential of chemical and toxic exposures despite safety protocols.  Oil field accidents often result in severe injury, or lingering injury that can last a lifetime and change a person’s ability to continue employment in the oil industry. Common injuries include head, brain and spinal cord injuries, or severe burns to skin and eyes.  If safety protocols are violated, workers should speak to a toxic exposure attorney in Texas.


A personal injury attorney can assist with the assessment of recoverable compensation that may include medical bills, lost wages, property replacement, pain and suffering, the loss of companionship, vocational rehabilitation education, and future earnings in wrongful death actions.

Punitive damages are awarded for the express purpose of punishing the defendant, and to deter future similar acts. Texas law limits punitive damages to two times the amount of actual damages up to $750,000 in total awards, or $200,000.

Time-sensitive legal action.

Texas statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death actions is two years from the time the injury, or death occurred.  An injury suffered while working in the oil field can be devastating to victims and their families. Contact the Cooper Law Firm to file a legal action for damages, or survivor’s benefits when someone is killed in an oil field accident. They will utilize an industry-focused team of experts to support a winning case, including workers’ compensation claims when they are necessary and legal action against individuals, or companies who were negligent in their duties to protect oil workers.

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